Guest Post: Are Gemstones the Answer to Your Skin Problems?

Who knew gemstones could be so good for your skin!!? This guest post by skincare brand; Forever Flawless explores the history of using gemstones to cure everything from rosacea to insanity! Find out how you can use gemstones now to improve your complexion in this insightful post! 


They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this typically implies that women will be wearing the beautiful gemstone rather than using it to cure their skincare woes. More and more people are finding out about the benefits to using gemstone-infused products to give them radiant-looking skin. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and other precious stones are now being used to achieve an enviable complexion. Can these pretty jewels be the answer to your pesky skin problems?


Gemstones for Healing

While some may think that using gemstones for skin issues is a relatively new idea, it has been used for thousands of years. Thought to bring about both mental and physical changes to the body, gemstones were used by the ancient Greeks for spiritual and medicinal purposes. It is no surprise then that they found their way into our skin creams and exfoliators. The history of these gemstones has been passed down and now there are special beauty products that contain different gemstones that are said to heal a variety of ailments. From calming anxiety to clearing up rosacea, gemstones have been used in many ways.

Turn Back Time with Diamonds

The most precious of gemstones, diamonds were regarded as the gemstones of Venus, the Roman goddess who represents beauty, love, and fertility. In today’s beauty market, black diamonds are all the rage due to their impressive exfoliating abilities that make their users look ageless. Black diamonds are being crushed into a fine powder and mixed with other ingredients (such as vitamins and botanicals) that gently exfoliate this skin. The entire process of crushing the diamonds is done in such a way that it is more effectively able to penetrate the skin, leaving it looking smooth and radiant. If you are interested in giving these gemstones a shot, Forever Flawless has a Diamond Age-Defying Beauty Kit that will provide you with everything you need to stay forever young.


Treat Psoriasis with Rubies

Considered the king of gemstones in some cultures, rubies have been considered the jewels of the upper class for centuries. This beautiful red gem was deemed the most precious of gemstones by the Bible and is believed by some to have mythical powers. For instance, Ivan the Terrible of Russia once thought that the stone was good for a person’s memory, brain, and heart, while others believed that rubbing it on their skin restored youth and vitality. Today, it is used to moisturize dry skin by penetrating deeply and sealing in the moisture. Rubies also promote blood circulation, which keeps skin glowing. This Organic Ruby Crème contains raw rubies and vitamin A that help soothe inflamed skin and can potentially help psoriasis.

Achieve a Healthy Glow with Pearls

Pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth in ancient Rome and are considered the world’s oldest gemstone. We can date pearls back to at least 2300 BC, where Chinese records reveal that they were given as gifts to royalty. In many cultures, pearls have been used for their medicinal properties. For a cure to insanity to being used as aphrodisiacs, pearls have been ground up and used in creams for thousands of years.

Pearls happen to be rich in amino acids, collagen, and minerals that can greatly benefit the skin. For this reason, they are a common ingredient in makeup to help people achieve a glowing complexion. They are also frequently used in skincare products to help reverse the aging process. Pearls can help remove dead skin cells from the body that make our skin appear dull, which also makes it a hot product in today’s beauty market.

pic4Moisturise with Rose Quartz

This beautiful, rose-colored gem has long been considered a symbol for love and beauty. The mythical properties of this gemstone are vast. Some believed rose quartz reduced negative feelings such as anger and hopelessness, and replaced them with positivity. Others used the gemstones for giving their skin a dewy glow. In fact, legend has it that the Egyptian goddess Isis used the stone to rejuvenate her skin by rubbing them around her face and eyes.

The goddess might have been on to something, because the beauty market now has a variety of different moisturizers containing rose quartz. Many of these moisturizers can be used on many different skin types and promote vibrant skin by locking in moisture. By treating dry skin and moisturizing the body more effectively, it also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Get Supple Skin with Tourmaline

You might recognize tourmaline by its distinctive color. Although it comes in many different colors, this gemstone often resembles a watermelon and has the largest color spectrum of any gemstone. It was often considered a magic stone in early times because it is believed that no two tourmaline stones are alike. It is also believed to strengthen both the spirit and body in the holistic sense.

However, tourmaline has gained a reputation for its surprising amount of benefits when it comes to our beauty regimen. For one, this gemstone has a unique property that makes it stand out from other gemstones. Tourmaline has the ability to generate electricity and can be positively charged on one end and negatively charged on the other. Because of this, it has been added to many beauty products to help increase nutrient absorption into the skin. It is also thought to trigger collagen production and make skin supple.

pic5Should You Try Gemstone-Infused Products?

Using gemstones for beauty is not a new concept and has been used by ancient Egyptians for thousands of years. Today, the market is seeing a renewed interest in gemstones because of their potential benefits to many skincare products. There are now plenty of options for you to choose from if you wish to try gemstone-infused products for your skin.


Guest Post: Finding A Voice – Song Of Dina

In this guest post Author Diane Samuels (Kindertransport) and Composer Maurice Chernick (of music group Shir) discuss their upcoming event and the journey that led to them creating ‘SONG OF DINA.’ I am proud to be part of this amazing collaboration between theatre and music….

‘We first knew each other as teenagers in Liverpool where we grew up in the 1970s. We both took part in more than a few productions put on by the drama group at our local community centre, including musicals for which Maurice wrote songs and music. Fast forward forty years and, now in our mid-fifties, we have both been moved by various conflicts throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East, to search for the source and discover what lies at the heart of things. This has taken us into stories, mythologies and, most notably, sacred texts, in particular to the book of Genesis in the Bible and to one character in particular.. 

Dina is only sister of Joseph, whose colourful coat has drawn so much attention. Her own story is contrastingly brief, raising many more questions than it answers. It begins when she, a young woman, “goes out” into the world to meet the women of other tribes. This one action leads to a chain of violent events and yet her role, feelings and what exactly happens when Shechem, prince of a local tribe, supposedly “forces” her are unclear. If she is raped by him, why does he go to great lengths to prove his love for her? How does she then regard his marriage proposal and her brothers’ ruthless revenge, wiping out all the men in his tribe?

Now is surely the time at long last to give Dina a voice, particularly with music which speaks across languages, faiths and cultures, connecting us readily to what lies deep within our hearts. Our aim is to address the violent rift that occurs in Dina’s world, still so alive today, in order to offer an opportunity for enlightenment and insight, some kind of mending.

We aim to create a full concert performance with instrumentalists, singers, actors, which we want to stream live and record for future distribution. We need support to do this as fully and beautifully as possible.

We wish to invite you to be our guest at this special event at JW3, 341-351 Finchley Rd, London NW3 6ET on WEDNESDAY APRIL 6th at 7.45pm to launch our campaign to mount a concert and live recording of our new work SONG OF DINA, a contemporary oratorio with spoken word for instrumentalists, choir, actors and soloists. The evening will include live music and song, extracts from the work in progress, and the opportunity to view artworks by a number of artists, including a lovely watercolour and 3 larger works by Natasha Jade, kindly donated to support the project. There will also be drinks and refreshments.

So please come along to share something of the creative process to date, find out plans for future development, and find out more about Dina.’

Click here for more information or RSVP to

Guest Post: Best of Britannia – The Importance of Buying British



As part of our ‘Made in Britain’ month, we asked Best of Britannia (who put on events all over the UK such as consumer and trade fairs to provide a platform for the very best British brands) to write this guest post for us to tell us more about their company and to highlight the importance of supporting companies who  produce and manufacture their products in the UK. Find out more about their amazing events and Buy British Day on their website and follow them on Twitter here!  You may well see us at one of their events, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! 

“In co-founding Best of Britannia the BOB team shared a common goal;

To provide a platform for the very best British brands from across a multitude of industry genre’s to show just how good they are.

We started on our journey in 2012, in London, in a year which saw the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, angry that in such an incredible year of awareness that virtually nothing was being done to champion British products and producers (let alone commissioning it/them for “official merchandise”). We have since held three more major London events championing over 450 UK producers of everything from cars and motorbikes to lingerie and fragrances. We extended our event platform to Lancashire in 2015 and are proud to be coming back to Preston this weekend and to be providing an event home for a whole host of new and returning brands as well as to flood-affected businesses from across the region.

From our humble beginnings in Clerkenwell we have welcomed participation from household names such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer and have heralded the start of many new producers who have shown with us for the first time anywhere. Many have seen rapid growth, and many have focussed on the overseas customer, still very much a believer in British quality. What will take longer is converting the British consumer back to buying British and taking a good look at the sheer range of quality goods being produced by hand and machine here. The future looks very positive though with recent figures showing that the “other manufacturing” sector which includes furniture, jewellery, musical instruments, games and toys growing three times quicker than forecast in 2015.

At BOB North in Preston this weekend we are welcoming the skill and expertise of Patrick Grant (BBC Great British Sewing Bee judge and recent purchaser of the Cookson & Clegg factory in Lancashire) who is launching his new Community clothing label as well as Matthew Wilcock, the winner of the BBC’s Great Pottery Throw Down. Also participating are British made motorbikes and scooters and menswear from Ross Barr straight back from having been invited to meet the Queen and Prince Charles at a special event marking the endeavours of designers supported by the Princes Trust.

In short working on Best of Britannia has been a complete eye-opener, and a pleasure for me personally to meet the makers of such a huge range of amazing goods over the past 4 years. If you feel like sharing in the feel-good factor that one of our events brings you and in supporting our amazing producers we look forward to seeing you in Preston this weekend, in London in October for Buy British Day (a concept which we launched in 2014 at the House of Commons), in Bristol in November or at one of our pop-up’s through the year.”

It’s so great that Best of Britannia have created this platform to showcase british products and brands! Here at Art By Natasha Jade all of our products are made in the UK, as we believe in keeping things local through supporting our local community and most importantly, looking after our planet!  Stay tuned for more Made in The UK blog posts coming soon! 

From The Team: What our Mums mean to us and why Mother’s Day is so Important

Naturally as it’s Mother’s Day in just over a week’s time – we’ve been chatting about our Mums here at the Natasha Jade studio. We thought we’d share with you a little piece from each of us about what our Mums mean to us and why Mother’s day is so important. 

Natasha Jade

First up we have a piece from Natasha Jade.

My mother is the reason why I am doing what I do. Without my mother supporting me and constantly encouraging me I doubt I would have achieved so much. Form a young age, my Mum has always loved my paintings and always insists on putting them all over her house. This encouragement  gave me the confidence to believe my paintings were of worth and that I should pursue this avenue of work. 

My mother is always up for helping me at fairs and exhibitions and is there chatting away helping me to sell. This support and encouragement from family is probably the most valuable support in my business. When things are tough my mum is always there with a solution, telling me that everything is in fact OK. She tells me to look at each situation not as a problem but as a challenge  – this allows me to find solutions easily.

Jess bun

Our Social Media Manager – Jess Murray

My Mum is like a constant rock for me and I am so appreciative of all her ongoing support! I might not have taken the most conventional route along the way but my Mum has always encouraged me to think outside the box and to be bold and daring. When I find myself in a sticky situation, I know I can depend on my Mum to support me and it’s priceless to have that in the back of your mind when things get tough. I don’t know what I’d do without her! 


Our Sales Manager – Leanna Wigginton

I love my mum because she showers me with tea when I go home. She is the most positive person I know. The best advice she has given me is to always look behind you and check that you haven’t left anything behind and if something doesn’t go my way she says ‘don’t worry it wasn’t meant to be, something else will come along that’s even better and much better suited to you’

Some people may find it cheesy to have a whole day dedicated to our mothers, but they are the ones who carried us in their wombs for nine months and survived child birth to bring us into this world. So I think the least we can do is take one day out of our busy schedules and serenade our mothers with love, gifts and appreciation.

Lots of people I know have parents that live quite far away from London and most of my friends in their 20-30s don’t have the space to swing a cat let alone put their parents up for the weekend.  Which leaves our parents without a clear image about our lives and what we’re up to. 

I don’t know about you, but my mum is my biggest fan and is always interested in what I’m up to and where I’m eating, drinking and sleeping. So why not give your Mum a snippet of London, the city we are proud to be living in? If they are too far away to drag round our stinky, but brilliant city why not give them a Natasha Jade mug.  These gorgeous mugs have pictures of buildings we take for granted everyday, that ooze London life. Maybe you can even go home and make your Mum a brew in a new Natasha Jade mug and get them to put their feet up for the day.


Guest Post: Margaux Diaz – How To Choose The Best Skin Care Products According To Your Skin Type



Purchasing the right skin care products for your skin is challenging, bearing in mind that different skin types require different product formulations. Problems arise when you don’t know what your actual skin type is.

Determining Your Skin Type

Forget the entire hullabaloo that you have heard from different people on what your skin type is. Chances are whatever they told you had been driven by some interest. It’s important to note that you can have more than one skin type e.g. Oily and blemish prone, sensitive and dry etc. Skin types are not restricted to only dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination. They are many skin types, and your skin type can be affected by factors such as weather, medication, stress, hormones; to mention but a few. Also, if you have a skin issue, you may make it worse by using the wrong products. It is thus essential that you learn your actual skin type to determine which skin care products you will be using.

To determine your skin type, first wash your face clean with some lukewarm water and a cleanser. Then apply the best toner you have and give the skin around two hours to absorb it. Toners come loaded with antioxidants and other ingredients that repair the skin from any damage. Afterwards, you can identify your skin type from the appearance of the face i.e.:

1. Oily – the skin will have excess oil a few hours after cleansing

2. Combination – you will notice that some areas are dry while other areas are oily

3. Sensitive – redness that may be accompanied by bumps

4. Dry – a large percentage of the skin will appear dry, flaky and you will experience a feeling of tightness

5. Sun damaged – lines around the eye, cheeks or mouth area

6. Acne or Blemish Prone – persistent breakouts

Must watch video: Why Do I need a Toner?

Armed with this information, you will be able to choose the best products to incorporate into your skin care regime. Below is a guide:

1. Consult

Work closely with a dermatologist who will help you identify the right products for your skin. He/ she will also help you treat any underlying skin condition such as acne.

2. Check the Ingredients

Some of the ingredients found in most beauty products may be harmful not only to your skin but also to your overall health. Before you make any purchase, ensure that you are familiar with the ingredients it contains. This way you will be able to keep at bay irritants that may harm your skin. For example, looking at how to choose the eye cream, you have to keep in mind that the area around eyes is sensitive, and thus the ingredients used should be gentle.

3. Be cautious

Stay clear of skin care products that promise instant results. Most times you will find they are scams. Reputable product lines will mainly offer high quality and safe products.

4. Opt for products that contain sunscreen

Sunscreen will help protect the skin from the harmful sun’s UV rays. It also gives you a youthful glow. As you shop for moisturizers and creams, go for those that have the correct SPF (30).

5. Stick to your routine

Once you have identified you skin care routine, stick to it. Although some of the products may take a long time to deliver what you were hoping for, be patient and don’t rush to change them. They will deliver eventually.


Before you purchase over-the-counter skin care products, ensure that you already know your skin type. This way, you will stay clear of products that don’t work for your skin type.

Author Bio

Margaux Diaz

Margaux Diaz is a Health and Beauty Expert. She has an interest in building the knowledge and self – confidence of people who really want to improve their lives by following proper health guides and staying fit for life. She is an inspirational writer and has written numerous articles related to Health and Beauty. Connect with her on Facebook and  Twitter


We love tips and advice here at Art By Natasha Jade! Do get in touch if you are interested in writing a guest post for our blog!

Guest: Past Forward Retro – Affordable fashion in London

In our opinion you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to look great and have your own interesting individual style. We are massive fans of vintage shops, kilo sales, car boot sales and charity shops! Shopping like this sets you apart from the crowd (how many times have you seen that Topshop season staple on someone else???) and you can sort yourself out with a new wardrobe for under £100! Here are a few of our London gems…

Found in a Hackney charity shop for £5

The Best Charity Shop, E9 – It’s called this for a reason! Located on Well Street in Homerton this probably is the best charity shop ever. There are rails and rails of designer second hand and vintage clothes. They do know when something is a good find but you still won’t pay more than £20 for a designer item. Jess used to live on this road and almost every time we went in we’d end up finding something great!

Wayside Community Centre Charity, E5 – This charity shop is on Chatsworth Road and whenever we visit this shop we leave with bags full of great clothes. Jess once bought some brand new Kurt Geiger heeled leather boots from here for £10! It’s great for finding summer dresses and second hand high street clothes. 

All Aboard, West Hampstead – This is one of our favourite areas for charity shops. There are 5 charity shops in a row and our favourite is All Aboard which has some great vintage clothes and accessories. Look out for their sales which are super affordable!

The East End Thrift Store, E1 – Tucked away in Whitechapel, this is our go to shop for denim jackets and jumpers. You have to literally rummage through massive piles of questionable clothes but then out of nowhere you’ll find something perfect! They often have ‘fill a bag for a tenner’  events and sometimes they section off part of the shop where every item is £1. Make sure you give everything a good wash before you wear it though!

Vintage Kilo Sales – These kind of sales require a proper rummage to unearth goodies but it’s well worth it in the end. Go for light items such as silk shirts, summer dresses and skirts and you could leave with 8 nice vintage pieces for just £15! The next London one is on 3rd May 2015 and is held at York Hall in Bethnal Green. We would suggest getting there as early as possible to snap up the best items.

Factory Seconds Shops – One of our favourite factory outlets is a leather seconds shop hidden away in Walthamstow. They supply leather jackets to Topshop, Oasis, Ted Baker etc and have rails and rails of slight seconds that are like £30 or £40 instead of £200 or £300! Sarah found an amazing shearling leather jacket here and it’s been one of her staples for years and was just £40! They also have handbags, shoes, shorts, strange leather dresses, menswear etc. We can’t remember the name of this shop but it’s tucked behind St James St rail station. Highly recommended for leather jackets!

Check out our vintage fashion blog; Past Forward Retro,  run by  Sarah Barton-Keeley and Jess Murray for vintage styling tips and details of our upcoming events!

Past Forward Retro  x