My Thought for the Week: Social Media and the Next Generation

Something that has been troubling me recently is social media. In particular, the role models that our children look up to on social media. When I look at some of these popular ‘public figures’ with over 3 million followers, I can’t help but ask myself – what is the message that is being put out there?

Now I am not saying by any means that these influential people are not wonderful, lovely people. What I am saying is that in a lot of cases the only side that is being presented on their pages is the beautiful, narcissistic and showy version of themselves. Endless pictures of women in bikinis with perfect bodies often wearing very little. These people have a lot of influence and I wonder what effect their feeds have on the young children who follow them.

If for one second I put myself in the shoes of my 15-year-old self; scrolling through pictures on Instagram, I imagine that I may feel unworthy and inadequate.

In my opinion, these perfect, beautiful sides of individuals that are being presented on Instagram provide a false idea of what it means to be successful and a warped inspiration to young children.

I think as people who use social media we have an amazing opportunity to present a side that will inspire people in the right way and not contribute to the insecurities and anxieties of children and young people. That way we may be able to maintain a balanced source of inspiration for the next generation!

Natasha Jade


Solving problems on the yoga mat

Often it feels as if the same problems are repeating themselves over and over again in different ways. I find myself stuck in repetitive behavioural patterns unable to break the cycle with the same thoughts coming up time and time again. I understand clearer now more than ever that if I deal with my issues on the yoga mat, by focusing on where the blocks are in my practice, the difficulties and issues I am experiencing in my day to day life are somehow ironed out.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that everything is connected to the physical body. When we address issues that are manifesting physically and try to unblock them, we can shift things emotionally and mentally.

Often various issues arise in my daily yoga practice. Sometimes it can be that I am really unfocused and the difficulty is to stay focused. So that is really where I need to shift focus when I set my intention during my practice. 

Sometimes I notice that I am extremely tight in the hips so I set my intention to loosen up my hips and allow the energy to flow properly through my body. Sometimes the difficulty is just getting out of bed to get there in the first place. In which case that is where I focus my attention.

A while ago I was stuck on a posture that was really difficult for me – one that I never in a million years thought I would ever be able to master. It was funny because at the same time it mirrored a tight spot in my business that I was stuck in. I remember thinking to myself, you know what, instead of focusing on where I am in my business I am going to focus on the posture that is holding up my yoga practice. So every day I focused my energy on learning that tricky posture. And it was amazing because when I finally mastered the posture, the difficulties I was experiencing in my business shifted. 

I do believe that if we put more energy into our practices – be that yoga, meditation, chi gong, gong fo tea drinking, mindfulness or anything else, then the difficulties we are experiencing on a day to day basis can be ironed out naturally. If we look at the areas within our practice where we experience blockages and focus our energy there, huge shifts can occur in our day to day lives.

I believe that everything that is happening on the outside is a mirror of what is happening on the inside. I believe 100 percent that how you feel in your mind is mirrored in your body and how you feel in your body manifests in your life outside…. and the other way round of course!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post – I’d love to hear from you if you have experienced a similar breakthrough with your yoga or meditation practice. Please comment below or get in touch

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Natasha Jade  x


4 simple things that will make your day a little better!

Recently I introduced a few different elements into my day. They are all quite simple, requiring not too much effort. A few weeks ago I tore the ligaments in my ankle, so I had to find other ways to help me feel good in my body and energized – something I usually gain from my morning yoga practice.

So, here are 5 things that generally make me feel better!

1) Water therapy. My boyfriend recently visited a medicinal mushroom doctor out in Hong Kong a few months ago. The doctor said that one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies is to drink a litre of water as soon as we wake up in the morning. I have been doing this for a few weeks and I have noticed a big difference.  I feel less dehydrated, I feel clearer, more focused and more energised.

2) No processed sugar. On days when I don’t eat any processed sugar, I feel so much better. I really notice that I have more energy during the day and feel much more tired when I go to bed (which is a good thing because then I sleep better!) My skin feels clearer and I often receive compliments from people on how well I look! All from not eating processed sugar which is amazing!

3) No TV in the evening. When I stop myself from looking at any screens for at least the last few hours before I go to bed, my sleep is much better. This actually makes my whole day better as I am more rested and my brain has had a chance to properly switch off. That way I am more inclined to read a book and nurture my imagination more! Which makes me feel more inspired and uplifted. 

4) Have a mantra. Sometimes when I need to shift my way of thinking, I find it very helpful to have a mantra which I repeat to myself as often as I can during the day. If I am feeling a bit down about work maybe I choose the words: ‘I am a successful artist.’ If I am worried about money I choose the words: ‘I am abundant’. Repeating these little phrases over and over again actually changes they way I think and makes me feel much more relaxed about things. This then changes our vibration and allows us to attract more positivity into our life. It’s such a simple little thing but it works so so well for me almost instantly. 

So, there are my tips to improve your day! I hope you find them helpful. Feel free to comment if you have any more tips!

Natasha x

Mercury Retrograde: Learning to deal with challenging times…

On 3rd May I called my Mums’ good friend to ask her about something. She asked me how I was and I told her that things had been a bit crazy for the last few weeks. I’d been dealing with a lot of miscommunication and various other issues that had stemmed from misunderstandings. She then tells me that we have just come out of Mercury retrograde and that it has just gone direct. This means for the past three weeks Mercury has appeared to be going backwards, but what this means for me (and possibly even some of you) is that everything that could have gone wrong  – has gone wrong. 

So I started to look into it more and apparently the last few weeks have been connected to issues around money, miscommunication, technical issues with computers etc – all of which I have been lucky enough to have been dealing with in abundance these last few weeks.  

I found it funny that the day after we come out of this astrologically turbulent time,  I then learn about all the things not to do in this period. For example, one is advised not to start something new until the to-do list is finished – I wish I had known that before. Another piece of advice is not to start a project without proper solid instructions. The list goes on!

Fundamentally, looking back on the last three weeks – maybe all these things were meant to happen. Maybe I wasn’t meant to find out what I should do and what I should not do because I needed to make those mistakes in order to assess the way I do things and ask myself how I can do better; how can I develop my business in a way that I am being true to myself and also making money and growing my business at the same time?

These are really hard questions for me. Yes, quite often I feel like quitting and going to pick grapes in a community somewhere on the other side of the world. I care so much about what I am doing and work so hard that sometimes I wonder if I lose myself and what really is important. I have to ask myself why am I doing this? What are the reasons that I choose to do what I do? Am I living a life true to myself? Am I am doing what makes me happy? Am I combining business and creativity? Am I finding a way where I can live a life that is balanced? Am I realising a way to make a life out of something I love? Am I growing and changing myself? Am I finding the positive in every hard situation? 

Maybe when I am much older I will look back at this completely crazy journey and feel that I want to thank the gods for everything that went wrong. We shall see…

But I guess what I am learning now is that it’s really important for me to chill out and take stock of everything that I have achieved – so that I am not stressed out and can take each situation in my stride and deal with it in the least reactive way possible.  So that I can allow situations in life to arise and see them as a learning curve. I know now that the real test isn’t when things are going swimmingly, but when something happens that really tries us. That tests our ability to stay centred, helping us to not react to the situations that come up in life. I think if there was only one thing I could take from my yoga practice –  it would be the gift to be able to stay equanimous when things happen which we can’t control. It’s hard and I am yet to master it but I am trying my best. So that when challenging situations arise, for example, Mercury retrograde happens, and everything goes wrong I can allow these situations to happen without letting them affect my physical emotional and mental health. I guess it’s not about stopping issues arising, we can never stop a Mercury retrograde, but we can learn not to react so much so that these things can happen and pass us by without causing us too much distress or pain.

How I remain calm when problems arise

Last week, I had one of those weeks where everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.  I left my keys on the other side of London, the window in my flat smashed… the list goes on. 

When I started stressing and getting all uptight – a thought came to me. Problems like these are not going to stop happening in life. I can’t prevent things from going wrong, but I can stop myself from getting so affected each time something swings me off balance slightly. 

I realise that by changing my reaction to situations that arise, I am less fearful about what is happening and actually in a way – that allows my life to unfold more smoothly. 

On the day I left my keys on the other side of London, and I was driving from East to West London for the third time that day, I realised the power of what I practice in yoga and meditation. And how actually everything I practice on the mat or in my meditation is just a rehearsal for what I encounter in my daily life. 

What is the point of going all this yoga and meditation if I am going to freak out every time something happens which I am not expecting? Surely in all of these practices, I can find some calm within myself to hold onto when things go wrong! 

For me at this point in my life, this is what I am trying to master; The ability to stay calm and unreactive when life throws you off course. The knowledge deep down that everything happens for a reason and there is a bigger force at work that sometimes I am not even aware of. 

My mum has a saying that she heard from one of her meditation teachers, which is ‘ there are no such things as problems.’ This little phrase is actually gold! When I say it my whole energy changes and actually something that I could have made into a disaster becomes something small and insignificant. 

When things happen that I can’t control I say to myself over and over – there are no such things as problems and immediately my outlook has changed.

See for me, the problems we come up against in our daily lives are where the real tests lie – and that’s where the real yoga practice is for me. By remaining unreactive to situations that test me, I am able to keep my centre as life unfolds around me. It can be tough and challenging but I realise now it’s the little things that count and our ability to stay equanimous and calm throughout. 

When one door closes, do another 10 open?


Often we have events in life that come out of the blue and upset us. Events that make us question everything about ourselves and our chosen path. In my yoga class, I  teach people   to train their minds to be slightly more equanimous to everything they meet.

However, in life sometimes that can be a lot harder than expected. Sometimes we need to use every breath we have to help us stay centred and remain balanced when situations unfold around us.

In my yoga class, I  teach people to be less reactive to the sounds around us and the sensations in our body. On a personal level that means that when something happens in my life that I am not expecting, that deeply upsets or hurts me, it’s important for me to try my hardest to keep my balance and keep my equanimity towards the situation. It trains me to remember that sometimes we don’t know why life puts us in difficult positions and often there is a bigger force at play.

When something dear to me is taken away or I don’t get an opportunity I was hoping for after a positive meeting – it’s these times that I feel the true test of my yoga practice coming into play. Using my physical body as the medium in my yoga practice every morning, I try to incorporate  these lessons into my life so that I stay grounded and not too caught up into the why, the what ifs and the should haves that always go through one’s mind. This is when I really need to focus on every breath to keep me in the present and hold onto my equanimity. These are the lessons that life puts in our way to test our practice and our trust.


This can be hard to put into practice, but I do believe that when one door closes another 10 open. When life does the unexpected, it actually pushes you down a path you wouldn’t have been able to join otherwise. Even though at the time the negative situation can feel deeply painful, I always remind myself that in these times there is always a hidden blessing that is waiting to be revealed. So I guess the advice I give myself when I am feeling a little bit shaken up by life is – stay calm, draw on each breath as you practice so diligently in the morning  and though your equanimity and balance to the situation – all will become clear!

Going Backward to go Forwards 


Often in my yoga practice I feel like I am going backwards.  This is also true of my meditation practice, business and life in general. 

However, I am coming to realise that there is no such thing as going backwards, there is only going forwards. Often in yoga I find myself at a point where I am trying to tackle a challenging posture, after a serious car crash and several torn ligaments this can happen quite a lot… Recently, I’ve felt that I’ve been stuck at the same place in my practice. At the same time, I felt I was also stuck in my business.  I sometimes feel that my yoga practice is a mirror image of where I am in life.

With a lot of persistence and dedication and frustration naturally, I started to be able to overcome the particularly difficult posture I was struggling with. The funny thing is that my work and business life started to shift at the same time and I felt I had reached the top of a hill that I had been walking up for a rather long time. It was almost as if my yoga posture was a metaphor for where I was in my business. I was at the point where I was almost there, about to reach a new stage with what I was doing but not quite there. I spent many weeks in this ‘not quite there stage.’ However in a very synchronized way things started to change in all areas of my life.

After feeling like I was just about to get this new posture, a few things happened and I was practicing less, basically life got in the way as it likes to do sometimes. Then obviously my body felt like it wasn’t as open and consequently I felt like I was going backwards as I found it harder to do this posture! Much harder! I am now coming to the conclusion that there is no backwards. When I think I am going backwards,  this enables me to work on an area that might not be as open as other areas in my body and this in turn guides me forwards. 

This is very true for me as an artist. I may have a quiet month and yes it may seem like I have less work but in truth, that space gives me time to really get my head down and do all the little things I have neglected. It’s very easy to put off difficult boring tasks when you are really busy with jobs and have a massive to do list of commissions and work. However, I find that when you address these little issues and give some love to the neglected aspects of your business,  that’s when you really start to see growth and change. The universe wants to help you and guide you so that you pay attention to things as and when necessary.  It sometimes has a funny way of talking to you but when you read between the lines you realise exactly what you need to be doing.