Who Am I?


I am a commission artist and designer creating bespoke paintings, watercolours and giftware from my East London studio. Here, you can find tips on harnessing your creativity, read about the inspiration behind my work, as well as yoga and healthy eating tips. 

Please visit my website for my online portfolio and shop where you can purchase original watercolours and paintings, printsgreeting cards, mugs, wrapping paper, and prints featuring my artwork to brighten up your home!

Keep an eye on the News page on my website to learn more about the current projects I’m working on and for a sneak peek behind the scenes and a visual diary of my inspiration, visit my Instagram.

Here’s a little info about me and my inspiration!

I sold my first painting at 15, before going on to study Mathematics at Sussex University. After graduating, I immersed myself in South-East Asia and South America. Inspired by the people and places I encountered, I continued to paint and would send paintings back home to be sold. You can read more about my transition from Maths to Art here.

In 2014, I launched Natasha Jade, turning my texturally dense paintings and watercolours into luxury gifts. With a big focus on sustainability, I endeavour to create products that are all sourced in the UK with recycled materials. Now certified in Adobe Design programs, I incorporate my skills in graphic design to create custom products for brands. 

A firm believer in the benefits of combining business and creativity, I have strived to create a brand that is artistically inspiring and continually growing. I incorporate my philosophical view of the world in the way I manage and run my company, as well as teaching yoga in my spare time. Since starting my brand, I have sold well over 100 paintings with a waiting list for commissions.

My work is a reflection of myself, where I am; and who I am with. I am deeply influenced by eastern philosophy and Sufi mysticism. My paintings are influenced by the poetry and writings of Kahlil Gibran and Rumi, amongst others, whose words inspire me greatly. Read more about how poetry has influenced me as an artist here.

Natasha Jade  x


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