The Importance of Consistency in Business

As part of my commitment to be learning and developing my skills both in business and as an individual,  I have been spending pretty much all of my spare hours listening to audio books. Recently, I listened to a very interesting audio book by Weldon Long called The Power of Consistency. 

Essentially the books argues that to achieve your goals in both business and in life it’s important to do the little tasks that may seem insignificant, on a consistent basis. Whether that’s regularly reaching out to new clients, having a consistent follow-up strategy or consistently posting on social media, we all have things we know we should be doing in a consistent way.  

It struck me as very interesting because essentially he was saying that it’s not very effective to only pick a few things you want to do in each area of your life – personal, home, health, business etc and implement these few points on a consistent basis. There needs to be a more all-encompassing approach. 

This got me thinking about the way I do things. Looking back on all of the strategies that have yielded the most fruit, I noticed a pattern. The positive outcomes were a result of consistent action on a daily basis. For example, amongst other things, posting something on my Instagram daily at 1pm contributed to my ability to grow my Instagram following from 0 to 12k in a very short time period. 

On reflection, another example, is when I decided to start prospecting and finding new clients for the design services my company offers. When I spend a day, only once a month contacting lots of people I see this yields very little results. However, when I consistently reach out to a person or two on a daily basis I can see the accumulative power of this daily action which creates better results. 

I constantly need to remind myself that there are no quick fixes, no magic wands or no sudden miracles that will come along to change the direction of my business. The key is doing the right things on a consistent, often daily basis. I realize now that consistency builds momentum and it is the building block to deep growth.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’d especially love to hear from you if you’ve shared a similar experience with consistency!


Natasha Jade x


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