Rediscovering the Importance of Constant Learning

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

Recently I was struck by a concept I read in a lecture by Brian Tracy where he was talking about the habits of the top 20% most successful people. Among some very interesting insights, he stated something that made my ears prick. What he said was that people in the top 20% of their field, spend on average two hours a day developing a skill that will help them to achieve their business goals. He said consistent personal development was the common factor amongst all of these people.

He said that quite often these successful people have their goals clearly defined. They then identify which skill is holding them back the most and work on that consistently.

The way he explained it really struck me. He suggested to try and imagine waving a magic wand and becoming good at the one thing which would be the most beneficial in helping you to achieve your goals.

He also said further on in the lecture that on average most people only use 10% of their potential. He really drummed home the fact that if you are not constantly learning and updating your skills, you plateau and then eventually decline. I think I can relate to this.

Suddenly it was like a light bulb went off in my mind. I thought ok, my business isn’t where I am dreaming it is. I recognise that there are gaps in my knowledge, I need to achieve these goals and these can, in fact, be learned. So I started reading every day; articles books, and audiobooks both relating to art and to my business.

I was surprised to find out that Warren Buffett the third richest man in America, spends 80% of his time reading so that he has as much information as possible when making business decisions.

Apparently, when you learn something new you release endorphins and that makes us feel good and positive.

Consistent learning is something that has been massively lacking in my life but it was revolutionary to discover that if I consistently dedicate myself to learning the skills I am not so good at, maybe I can develop my business in ways I never imagined before.

This is one of the lectures I have found extremely inspiring. Maybe you will too…


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