How Words Shape Our World

For this blog I wanted to share my recent thoughts and experiences with the hope that others may find my sharing useful or inspiring. Something that has been very present in my life lately is the extent to which my words shape my reality. Recently I have been conducting a little experiment. I have been consciously aware of times I’ve been extremely anxious about something and have tried two things: 

1) I have acted in a very normal way to myself, in that I spoke about the issue and voiced my worries and  concerns.

2) I haven’t said a word about it to anyone or if I did I tried to share my thoughts very carefully so that they were portrayed in a positive way without explicitly saying I was worried, nervous, anxious or stressed about something.

So, analysing the results of my little experiment amazes me every time. What I found was that when I voiced my opinion and acted in a way that satisfied my inner angst of course my concerns almost always surfaced. However, when I chose to keep my anxieties to myself and didn’t even let the words leave my mouth, the issue I was concerned about almost always never even happened.

Now, I am not saying I wasn’t worried about it on the inside. I still was, but I didn’t let the words leave my mouth or put any unnecessary manifestations into the world. I resisted planting my anxieties into the heads of anyone else that cares about me, such as the people I would usually speak to first – my mother, boyfriend or the wonderful girls I work with. This way I didn’t infect anyone else with my anxieties which means they had less power to manifest as less people were able to brew on a potential negative outcome which unfortunately is often the case when I plant the initial seed of worry.

I do believe that words have a very powerful energy and this energy vibrates out every time a word is spoken. Therefore I am trying to be more careful with my words. I try to only let things out that have a positive reverberation and manifest exactly that! It’s a very hard thing to do but I realize now more than ever that just being aware is the first step and a very powerful step at that!

Natasha Jade x


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