How I have learned to trust my Business and Creative instincts

I have had to remind myself recently to have faith in the way things are, with the knowledge that everything happens for a reason.

In business and creativity, I find myself asking questions like – why am I doing this? Should I have made that decision? Is this piece of work good enough? The list goes on! These questions come up time and time again for me in my business and creative life. But the real question is – how do I deal with them? I believe the answer is to trust in the way things are.

When creating a painting I am slowly learning to trust the decisions I make. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to use a certain colour, or to use a certain technique in a painting. But within my creative process, I realize it’s important to trust my instincts and do what feels right, not what my mind is telling me I should do. This is when I create my best work.

This also applies to times when I have to make a decision. I know that when I make a decision I endeavor to make the best move that I can in that moment. Things may change but in that moment I make the best possible decision I can. Again this is where I need to hold onto everything I have learned in the last few years and come to trust in myself and believe in my decisions.

Sometimes in my business and creative life, undesirable situations inevitably arise. These situations can be tricky, unplanned or just massively inconvenient! I realise now that we never really know why we are presented with certain situations in life, but we can look positively at the situation at hand and trust that everything happens for a reason. And in hindsight, what seems like a big problem at the time can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. This serves as a reminder to trust that everything will turn out to be OK in the end.


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