5 Tips for dealing with Rejection in Business

Something that I have been thinking about a lot recently is rejection.  Especially relating to the product side of what we do here at Natasha Jade.  Here a few things I have come to realise which have helped me turn rejection into something positive. Just a heads up – this blog is more focused on the products side of what we do! 

It’s inevitable, to begin with. 
I realise now that rejection is inevitable at the beginning. After talking to a lot of people around me, the general consensus is that – quite often when one starts a creative business,  the first few years are really about sussing out which retailers are a good match for your brand. I realise now that there is a type of shop/person that likes my products more than others. And I realise now that it is quite common in the first three years to get a lot of rejection. This is just because you are trying to figure out what works. Once you start to get to know your own brand better and the type of stock that works,  you can be more targeted in your search and therefore get rejected less. 

Rejection makes you learn.
I am really starting to believe that all the great things in life come with a little bit of hard work.  When things come too easily we don’t learn and don’t always reach the full potential of what we are capable of.  Now when I am rejected from a stockist I can actually look at the experience with a little bit of gratitude as I can see how I could maybe improve on my approach for next time. I always strive to do better and improve my business so every bit of feedback I receive, I view as positive now. I must admit sometimes this is easier said than done sometimes!

Rejection makes me want to improve.
If a shop doesn’t want to stock our products, in a strange way this fuels my ambition and drive to do even better, so that one day the people that have not wanted to stock the products may think they have missed out!! Instead of deflating me, it now makes me work harder and double up on my efforts!

Look at JK Rowling – she was rejected so many of times before getting Harry Potter published. I’m sure each rejection gave her the drive and ambition to improve and improve her story. And look where she is now!!

Rejection can be a blessing.
I am learning now that not everyone is easy to work with. Quite a lot of the time I look back at the people we have approached and I think – thank god we don’t work together. Sometimes a job that I want so much might seem like the be all and end all but actually in hindsight I realise it might be more trouble than it’s worth.  So maybe sometimes there is a hidden reason as to why we don’t get something. But I keep reminding myself to trust the situation. There is a blessing in disguise here somewhere! After all – everything happens for a reason. 

You are not alone! 
I think every successful person has had a dose of rejection. I think it’s what makes us who we are and what helps us to learn and strive to be better. As creatives, it is extremely hard to put ourselves in a position where someone has the chance to be critical of our creative work. But if maybe we change the way we look at it slightly then we might be able to take a positive from the experience. 

So many famous musicians, authors, and brand owners have had to deal with so much rejection in order to get to where they are now. What makes a person successful is the fact that they have persevered. So perseverance is key! 

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