8 Instagram Tips for Creatives

Written by Jess Molteno Murray – Social Media Manager for Natasha Jade

Within the past 2 years, our Instagram has grown from 0 followers to over 10K!  We’ve made some mistakes along the way but we’ve also developed some strategies that seem to be effective : ). Here are some tips that you may be able to incorporate into your brand’s strategy…  or you could use them to take your personal Instagram up a level ⬆️

1. Mix it up. Initially, we posted groups of similar images which we quickly realised can be a little bit boring and monotonous. So now, we strive to vary our posts, alternating between product shots, lifestyle, inspiration and ‘studio life’ images. This keeps the feed fresh and varied.

2. Engage and comment back. If someone has made the effort to comment on your post, it’s nice to comment back with thanks or an answer to their question. This encourages more people to comment and also shows appreciation and gratitude. 

3. Think in threes. As you know, Instagram is organised in rows of three posts, so it’s good to be aware of how each row of three appears on your feed. Perhaps you may choose similar colours or shapes (if using frames) to create a uniform and branded feel. For example, Harrods seem to move through different colour phases and Zachary Pulman Design Studio posts three similar photos for each row. The downside to this is –  once you start you might find it hard to break free from the ‘rule of three’. So, you may want to be more randomised, after all – rules are made to be broken!

4. Edit your pics in flight mode. If you like to use frames or scheduling software such as Hootsuite, then it’s useful to pre-edit your photos. If you put your phone in flight mode, then you can use Instagram’s editing features (crop, filter, brighten etc) without actually posting the photo to your feed. In flight mode, edit your pic and post it – the picture will fail to post but a copy will appear in your photos. Your filtered/edited pic is now ready to be framed and/or scheduled!

5. Master your product shots. It’s worth spending a bit more time on your product shots. After all, this is your chance to present your work/products/artwork at it’s best. Be aware that white can sometimes appear grey, especially when there are shadows within your pics. We noticed a big difference when we started using photoshop to make white backgrounds whiter.

Before and after editing: 

6. Use emojis. Because they just make your posts more fun and help to break up big chunks of text. 💕

7. Use hashtags to your advantage. A good exercise – is to think about which hashtags your target market/potential fans use. You can then use those hashtags to find and interact with new potential fans. You can also use some of those hashtags within your posts to help people find you… 

8. Shoutout other brands. Each trade show we exhibit at, we create a diary (read our latest diary here) showcasing new brands that we discover during each show. We then post about them on our blog and social media. This has led to new collaborations with brands and features in newsletters. It also gives our followers an insight into fresh new brands that they may not have discovered otherwise. So tell the world about brands you admire!

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