My Response to Robert Rauschenberg’s Exhibition at the Tate Modern

Last week I finally managed to go and see the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Tate Modern.  Being one of my favourite artists and having studied his work whilst I was at school, I was desperate to go and see the retrospective exhibition. But you know what life is like in a big city like London, work gets on top of you and it’s extremely hard to fit in things for one’s self!
Having seen an exhibition of Rauschenberg when I was very young in Paris, he has always been an artist that has been at the back of my mind. While I was at this exhibition at the Tate modern I found it really interesting to see the similarities in our work. When I make a painting I tend to use whatever materials I can find around me, such as my boyfriend’s old CDs, bits of fabric from my studio mate, nails on the studio floor or anything else I can find. I like being inspired by objects around me that might otherwise be thrown away and reusing them by incorporating them into my paintings in an organic and natural way.
With Rauschenberg – one of the key themes, especially throughout his earlier work, was his use of found materials. The curators of the exhibition described his work as connecting worlds –  as he works somewhere in the boundary between humans and human’s stuff. He would find old t-shirts, umbrellas, old lights, radios and incorporate them all into big pieces of work. He would then drop paint onto the canvas and dramatically change the aesthetic of the piece. 
Another side of Rauschenberg that really excited me was his collaborations with musicians John Cage and the choreographer Merce Cunningham. Rauschenberg would make these wonderful colourful set pieces, and Merce Cunningham would choreograph the dances and John Cage would write the music. 
This interaction between music, dance and art is something that I find extremely interesting and inspiring. It’s really really exciting when the boundaries between the different art forms become blurred. 
On a personal note, in my studio – I am an artist, my social media manager Jess is a musician, and my Sales Manager Leanna is a dancer.  Because we have different creative backgrounds, we bring different ideas to the table. We work together harmoniously in a way where our skills are balanced and in tune with one another. 
So, basically what I am trying to say is you should really go and see this exhibition before it finishes on 2nd April 2017. It’s fantastic and I would definitely advise getting the headset –  it was super informative!

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