The Story Behind my Valentine’s Day Collection

When choosing a Valentine’s Day card or present – for me, it’s important to delve beneath the superficiality and seek something with a deeper meaning. I’m someone who needs to know the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’!

Because I have always been fascinated and inspired by The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, it made sense for me as an artist, to create a collection in response to the infamous book of poems. I created my ‘Love’ watercolour in response to one of the poems, in particular, the quote “When Love beckons to you follow him. Though his ways are hard and steep” – which is printed on the back of the greeting card.


Blank inside for your own personal message

After creating The Prophet watercolour greeting card collection, I decided to spotlight Love and Marriage, turning both designs into gift wrap and prints. So, we now have three Love inspired products, a beautiful Love greeting card, 100% recycled Love gift wrap to wrap your V-Day goodies in and a Love print for your loved one’s wall.

So why not give your gf/bf/bff some ❤️ this V-Day??!

If you’re based in London and fancy going to an event that’s a little bit different – our Sales Manager Leanna is putting on a show at The George Tavern in East London on 14th February called Blind date with a Twist! It’s a free entry show, open to all – singles, couples, friends etc! Find out more on Time Out


Wishing everyone a joyful, Love filled V-Day!

Natasha Jade + Team x


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