When one door closes, do another 10 open?


Often we have events in life that come out of the blue and upset us. Events that make us question everything about ourselves and our chosen path. In my yoga class, I  teach people   to train their minds to be slightly more equanimous to everything they meet.

However, in life sometimes that can be a lot harder than expected. Sometimes we need to use every breath we have to help us stay centred and remain balanced when situations unfold around us.

In my yoga class, I  teach people to be less reactive to the sounds around us and the sensations in our body. On a personal level that means that when something happens in my life that I am not expecting, that deeply upsets or hurts me, it’s important for me to try my hardest to keep my balance and keep my equanimity towards the situation. It trains me to remember that sometimes we don’t know why life puts us in difficult positions and often there is a bigger force at play.

When something dear to me is taken away or I don’t get an opportunity I was hoping for after a positive meeting – it’s these times that I feel the true test of my yoga practice coming into play. Using my physical body as the medium in my yoga practice every morning, I try to incorporate  these lessons into my life so that I stay grounded and not too caught up into the why, the what ifs and the should haves that always go through one’s mind. This is when I really need to focus on every breath to keep me in the present and hold onto my equanimity. These are the lessons that life puts in our way to test our practice and our trust.


This can be hard to put into practice, but I do believe that when one door closes another 10 open. When life does the unexpected, it actually pushes you down a path you wouldn’t have been able to join otherwise. Even though at the time the negative situation can feel deeply painful, I always remind myself that in these times there is always a hidden blessing that is waiting to be revealed. So I guess the advice I give myself when I am feeling a little bit shaken up by life is – stay calm, draw on each breath as you practice so diligently in the morning  and though your equanimity and balance to the situation – all will become clear!

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