Our Day at The Real Flower Company Farm

One of the best things about my job is the incredibly interesting and amazing people I get to meet along the way. We were lucky enough to be invited down to The Real Flower company farm in Petersfield to seek inspiration from their beautiful roses and flowers.

Both Leanna, my sales Manager and I love flowers. As you may know, my most recent collection of watercolours was inspired by the tropical flowers I encountered on a trip to Taiwan at the beginning of this year.

When we arrived we were greeted by Rosebie Morton – an inspirational woman who’s probably the best rose grower in the UK! To be invited down to enjoy an afternoon with Rosebie was a real treat.  We experienced wonderful explanations about each of the flowers. Learning about  the process of growing each plant and flower was eye-opening and inspirational for us.

What struck me the most about this amazing place was how natural yet distinctive all the flowers were. They were all so exquisite in beauty yet completely unique and individual. It was almost as if each of the flowers had a personality of its own and one could really sense that when walking through the farm!

 Walking around the gardens, it was possible to really feel the love, devotion and beauty that nurtures each flower and plant. True care and love in the purest form which results in flowers that look and smell more beautiful than any I have seen.
As an artist, I really enjoyed looking at the colours, textures and shapes of the flowers and it made me want to go back to my studio and take out all my paints and get busy with colour! 
One of my biggest sources of inspiration is the natural world around me such as  the shape of bark on a tree or a collection of leaves on the ground. I always find myself studying the texture of nature and learning from the lines, form, colour and the way nature seems to randomly organize itself. I strive to incorporate what I learn from nature within my paintings.
So thanks again to the wonderful Real Flower Company for inviting us down and providing us with colour, beauty and inspiration!

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