Our Best of Britannia Diary!


For me, being part of an event where all the products are made in the UK was a really incredible experience. It filled me with a lot of inspiration to see how us makers really live and how we produce products on our own soil in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. All the makers, creatives and entrepreneurs  exhibiting at BOB shared a similar philosophy that is quite special and unique. BOB had a beautiful selection of the most well made products I have ever seen, showcasing unique, high quality designs. This made being part of this event very special.

We are so used to getting whatever we want from wherever in the world is most convenient, we forget that we have it all right here. The skills and creativity that we need are right here on our door step – if we just open our eyes and look around at all the talent we have. I realise now that it’s these skills and talents that need to be harnessed, as these UK based makers have enthusiasm and skills which are unprecedented. 

So that’s why I am really all about #MadeInTheUK and just loved meeting all the inspirational  people and brands  at BOB. Here are some of the amazing brands that we met!  

We were pretty honoured to be next to the best sound system company in the UK; Linn – we just love the designs for their equipment! Our other neighbours Harrison Ovens who create incredible luxury, artisan ovens, had the cutest pooch ever – my Mum’s new best friend! We also loved meeting our neighbour Nigel Matthews Ceramics, his mugs are gorgeous and we loved the display cabinet that he also made!

We were excited to find our Top Drawer neighbours Adriana Homewares at BOB too, it was great to see the family run company’s gorgeous wool cushions again!  A stand that really caught our eye was Dancys who create mens accessories with the coolest floral prints, we love a bit of paisley here at Art By Natasha Jade! And we loved meeting the girls at Hand and Lock – we want to put their patches on everything! How cool are Anna Faine Jewellery’s display boxes? We loved their letter pendants!


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