Our Spotted at Top Drawer Diary: Part 1!

As Top Drawer was my first trade show, I was quite nervous the night before but as soon as I arrived, I started to feel at ease. I set up my stall and started meeting other stallholders who were all lovely! When guests started arriving, my Tuscany 10 painting seemed to catch people’s attention and we had a really successful day… and weekend! Special thanks to everyone who came to see us, we loved chatting to you all!

Here are some photos of our stand, complete with a big bunch of flowers!

And here are some of the lovely people we met and some brands that caught our eye…

How lovely are those silk scarves and cushions? The brand is called Victoria Stride Home and we just love Victoria’s use of of bright colours! I had a lot of fun at Mu Du trying on hats, Leanna literally had to tear me away! We also love Rassen & Shen‘s eyewear accessories, such a cool way to hold hold and protect your glasses. 

Stay tuned for our Top Drawer diary part 2 coming soon! 









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