Going Backward to go Forwards 


Often in my yoga practice I feel like I am going backwards.  This is also true of my meditation practice, business and life in general. 

However, I am coming to realise that there is no such thing as going backwards, there is only going forwards. Often in yoga I find myself at a point where I am trying to tackle a challenging posture, after a serious car crash and several torn ligaments this can happen quite a lot… Recently, I’ve felt that I’ve been stuck at the same place in my practice. At the same time, I felt I was also stuck in my business.  I sometimes feel that my yoga practice is a mirror image of where I am in life.

With a lot of persistence and dedication and frustration naturally, I started to be able to overcome the particularly difficult posture I was struggling with. The funny thing is that my work and business life started to shift at the same time and I felt I had reached the top of a hill that I had been walking up for a rather long time. It was almost as if my yoga posture was a metaphor for where I was in my business. I was at the point where I was almost there, about to reach a new stage with what I was doing but not quite there. I spent many weeks in this ‘not quite there stage.’ However in a very synchronized way things started to change in all areas of my life.

After feeling like I was just about to get this new posture, a few things happened and I was practicing less, basically life got in the way as it likes to do sometimes. Then obviously my body felt like it wasn’t as open and consequently I felt like I was going backwards as I found it harder to do this posture! Much harder! I am now coming to the conclusion that there is no backwards. When I think I am going backwards,  this enables me to work on an area that might not be as open as other areas in my body and this in turn guides me forwards. 

This is very true for me as an artist. I may have a quiet month and yes it may seem like I have less work but in truth, that space gives me time to really get my head down and do all the little things I have neglected. It’s very easy to put off difficult boring tasks when you are really busy with jobs and have a massive to do list of commissions and work. However, I find that when you address these little issues and give some love to the neglected aspects of your business,  that’s when you really start to see growth and change. The universe wants to help you and guide you so that you pay attention to things as and when necessary.  It sometimes has a funny way of talking to you but when you read between the lines you realise exactly what you need to be doing.


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