Learning to Value Small Achievements in Life and Business

 A big achievement is the accumulations of lots of little achievementsOften in business and in my work there are times when I start to question everything and wonder if I am on the right path and doing the right thing… You know normal brain-chatter that questions everything we do!

Last night something like that happened and I started questioning everything. This happens quite a lot and is something that is inevitable when you run your own business. You’re always questioning, always improving and always growing. 

After having a few of these questions in my mind I decided to have a little sit down with my boyfriend’s I ching coins (he is very much into the I ching, I am very much a beginner with little experience in this field!)                                         

My first reading advised me to  ‘proceed humbly’. It was quite an uncanny result. Using my fairly limited I Ching experience, I interpreted the results to mean that in order to accomplish great things, it’s important to be humble especially in the journey. It’s important not to spend all your riches too soon and live lavishly – by being humble this in turn will bring you good fortune! 

The second reading suggested developing gradually. This made me think about a conversation I had in the past with a friend of mine who said ‘explosions never last.’ That made me think that creating a sustainable business is not about quickly creating something that’s really big, for a short amount of time, it’s about building something that has a deep long lasting effect in the market. 

I am realizing now that it’s very important to develop gradually –  step by step. It’s sometimes very easy for me to think, I wish I had a big studio in central London with a team of 25 people. But gradually I am learning to enjoy the journey, to enjoy each step as it leads me to where ever I will end up. (Maybe it will be a studio with 150 people.. who knows!)

It’s only by going through and experiencing the little steps that I am learning about my business and learning how to conduct myself properly in my approach to managing a team and to managing a business, as well as producing creative work. It’s a challenge but the learning is so important and each mistake is so worth it! 

When I was reading the results of my coin throwing I came across a very interesting quote. The quote said ‘Great success is the result of the building up of little successes.  For me this is one of the most important messages. I keep having to remind myself that big accomplishments happen as a result of lots of little accomplishments. I keep having to remind myself of all the truly amazing little things my team and I achieve in a day and keep congratulating us even on the smallest little things which are actually rather great! I am learning now that it’s actually the little things that really matter. The little things that are sometimes overlooked.  

For example, how we treat a potential customer or how an email looks before it’s sent.  These are the little things that shape the bigger picture. I admit, when I am working on a really big exciting project, it’s easy to be excited and feel that what I am doing is great and wow I am really progessing as an artist etc etc. However, it’s much harder to see  when I do my spreadsheets or rework my business plan or sort out the products on my website. But I am learning that its these little things that really count and that accomplishing things in areas that I find more challenging and less fun is equally important!


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