The progression of Vibrant Brixton

This piece of work was commissioned by an estate agent based in Brixton. They had come across my Brixton collection online and were amazed at how I was able to capture the streets of Brixton and bring such life and colour to the area.

They decided they would like to commission a big painting in a similar style to my India and Tuscany series, but featuring Brixton. The brief was to create a scene depicting some well known spots in Brixton, incorporating the streets and greenery of the surrounding area and parks. They wanted the painting to reflect the estate agents colours; light pink and green. 

In this painting ‘Vibrant Brixton,’ I incorporated the Brixton market, the well known classic streets of Brixton and the iconic Brixton Windmill, a rather less known but extremely special feature of the Brixton area!

In the photos below it’s possible to see how I have built up the surface with a variety of different materials and textures. I used bits of old CD’s, mosaics and maps in the windows of the houses. I used string, sand and oil pastels to build up the surface of the trees.

I hope you enjoy having a little sneak peek into the my journey here at my East London studio where the magic happens. 

IMG_2962 (1)


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