Creativity and Business and my Maths Degree.


Often people say to me;  ‘you’re an Artist but you studied Maths at degree level, how weird!’ However, in my opinion, it’s not weird at all. In fact, the more I delve into the business side of what I do, the more I see how the two subjects are very much connected.

I am in a studio complex with about 200 other artists and creatives and I see the people who succeed around me. There are some people who may not be the most artistically gifted but they have a good business head and I have observed over the last few years how this has paid off. At the same time I see some very talented artists who haven’t necessary used their skills in business, and they often lag behind those that do.  

I feel that it is common for most schools to encourage pupils to be either Science and Maths orientated or into the Arts and English. Very rarely at school did I observe anyone recommending that science, maths and art go together well.  In my opinion I think that this is a shame. 

I know from experience that when I only concentrate on the arty side of what I do, my head is in the clouds and I am rather ungrounded. At the same time if I was just paying attention to he business side, I would feel artistically frustrated and bored. The thing is, I do like using my brain to work out business plans, my accounts, spreadsheets etc. It’s a great way to exercise the other side of myself so that I feel I am using both sides of my brain and developing different skill sets at the same time.


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