Yoga: The importance of Savasana



It can be very easy when one only has a limited amount of time, to rush through a yoga practice and give little attention and time to the way you finish and leave your practice. I know I can be very guilty of this. For me, it’s so easy to start thinking about all the things I need to do that day, to start accumulating a list in my head, start planning my breakfast and rushing maybe a little prematurely out of my practice and into the rest of my day.

However, I have noticed when I really give my savasana and my practice the attention and time it deserves the whole nature and tone of my day is different. I am more grounded, calmer and clearer in my thoughts.

When we get to the end of a practice and even when we are in the middle of a practice, we are shifting energy quite intensely in the body. In order for the body to absorb these changes, it needs to have a moment of stillness to let the energy settle and realign itself. This ensures that the changes we make in our body are long lasting, allowing us to shift energy not only physically but consequently emotionally and mentally aswell. 

I often feel quite energised, alive and slightly airy during my yoga practice. Having a long savasana when the body is completely still gives my body a chance to re-ground and connect to the earth below. It allows the body to completely relax and absorb everything it needs in the practice, re-aligning the body and bringing it back into balance. Which for me is one of the key reasons I practice yoga day in day out – to practice having a balance in my physical body which then affects my mental and emotional body and results in feeling harmonised and uplifted. 

For me, practicing yoga is like having a shower. When I don’t practice in the morning I feel slightly strange as if something is missing. The savasana and the moment of stillness  is where the magic happens. It’s where the body can settle, absorb all the changes and set the tone for my day. A calm, long savansa, sets a tone of calmness, slowness and clarity and allows me to enter into my day with a clear mind and sense of equanimity to deal with any situations that arise.


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