The Progression of Tuscany Dream

So… I created my 12th Tuscany painting last month and quickly sold it at Spirit of Summer Fair! Although I didn’t take many pictures during the early stages, I wanted to share the progression of this piece. In the Tuscan village that inspired this painting, the rock glistens and the boundaries between the rock and the sky are not so clear. The houses which are formed out of the rock, blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. It is a really special place, full of harmony! My intention was to reflect this within the piece and to make the rocks look as if they are glowing from the inside. I also wanted to have aspects of the sky mirrored in the rock within the piece. To achieve this I used gold leaf right at the beginning and then mirrored this effect in the sky by adding gold leaf at the end. As well as this I used sand, broken CDs and  oil paints to build up colour and texture and to create a vibrant, colourful pieces full of life! 

Below is a picture of Tuscany Dream on display at Spirit of Summer where the painting was sold!


Stay tuned for more progressions! 



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