Brands that Inspired us at Spirit Of Summer!

We met some fantastic companies at Spirit of Summer last week. Here are a few that caught our eye and inspired us… 

First up we have a confectionary brand called Lavolio. We thought their display was stunning, needless to say their gluten-free Italian inspired traditional confectionary tasted amazing too! You can purchase their confectionary which is presented in beautiful printed tins here. Wrap your box in Natasha Jade Tuscany wrapping paper, along with one of our greeting cards from the Tuscany series and you have yourselves a perfect Italy inspired gift! 


Another brand that caught our eye was Ishi Beruto who create natural soaps which not only smell amazing but are also full of high quality ingredients such as Argan Oil and Activated Charcoal. We love the fact that their soaps contain no chemicals or parabens! You can purchase their soaps online hereIMG_3270

Last up we have a fantastic, raw, organic Coconut Oil from Natura-Coco, who work with a co­operative of small farms in Kerala, India. They work with and support passionate farmers in developing their production, hygiene and sanitation protocols to an international standard, and have recently achieved full organic certification! If you have been a follower of our blog then you will know how much we love coconut oil – we cook with it, put it our smoothies, put in our hair, on our skin etc – this is our new go to brand for Coconut oil!! You can purchase Natura-Coco Coconut Oil here




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