10 Tips for getting ready for fairs and events!

With Spirit of Summer approaching fast we thought we would write a quick blog with some tips on  how to be as best prepared as you can for a fair or big event. We’ve included a few mistakes that we have made along the way so you can avoid them!

1) Make sure you’ve packed everything at least the week before, allowing enough time for last minute changes etc. 

2) Pack everything in waterproof  plastic boxes, you don’t want to be caught in a downpour with all your stock!

3) Tweet other stallholders to get the vibe going before you arrive and make the most of  networking opportunities. 

4) Share photos of the process on social media to keep up the momentum and build up some anticipation!

5) Have a check list that you put in a folder to ensure you remember to pack everything! 

6) Label and count all of your stock. 

Here’s what our packing looks like right now!

7) Have a box with all of the accessories you might need such as tape, clips, glue, elastic bands.

8) Pre-prepare and pre-pack as much as possible.

9) Have a good system for packing – I still need to master this tip!

10) Enjoy every stage, even the boring packing part that takes a long time and can be a bit tedious!

We’ll be at Spirit of Summer from 22-25th June – click here to find out more! 


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