Review: Chelsea Flower Show

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to be given a free ticket for the Chelsea Flower Show. I have never been to the show before and wasn’t quite prepared for the experience I was about to have. Even on the day of the show I was still umming and ahhing about whether I wanted to go as I had so much work on and didn’t think I could take the time out. However, after a little persuasion from my father and grandmother, I decided to go and check it out which was the best decision of my day!

A lot of people who go to the Chelsea Flower Show go because they are interested in gardens and flowers, but I went because I love colour. And actually I was surprised as it was really similar to an art exhibition. The beauty and art that was created for this evening was mind blowing. I really had not seen anything like it in my life!

Here are some pictures which have really surprised me and may very well be the inspiration for a new collection of paintings. It really reminded me that nature can create the most spectacular art exhibitions out there.




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