My thought for the day! Enjoy the journey…

plantsToday,  when I was practicing yoga, I found myself thinking how much I desperately wanted to finish the sequence that I was learning, having been trying to master the same posture for about a year. As I started to become frustrated with myself, I was reminded of what I always say when I teach yoga which is that when you learn to be present with what your body is giving you in each moment, that is when the magic happens. When I stop comparing myself to how I have been in the past or where I’d really like to be in the future, I  am able to work with what is happening in the present and surrender to the change that is inherent when one practises yoga.

This experience reminded me that I need to enjoy the journey of my practice. For me, yoga is really about the journey and not the end point and how we get there is completely unique to each individual. I think this can definitely be translated to many other aspects of my life. I constantly see myself thinking oh god I wish I was at this stage with my business or I wish I was as successful as so and so already. Sometimes when things go wrong and mistakes get made I get  frustrated and become discontented. But now, I am slowing trying to teach myself not to react to these situations and annoyances but to enjoy the journey as all these difficult parts  in fact help us grow and change and enrich the overall quality of our journey.

 Once again I am really able to see how my attitude towards my yoga practice on the mat can be transferred to many aspects in my life. If I can slowly learn not to react to my physical body in my practice then that’s a good start. 


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