Why I believe having a giving practice is important when running a creative business.


Aside from running my own creative business, I also teach yoga three times a week and give Thai yoga massages on the weekend. I love teaching and it is as important a practice for me as it is for any one else.

When you are running a creative business it’s very easy to get caught up in oneself and become encompassed by your own journey, products or art.  So, I find that it’s very important to allocate time to give something back to others, creating  a space for them to grow.  Having an outlet that involves giving to someone else in some way helps you to be slightly less involved with what you are doing.

Also, I find when you are doing something quite creative and demanding, you learn a lot about many things. When you teach, you are able to pass that information on and share it with others as opposed to keeping all of this information resting inside your brain. I actually find it rather useful in helping me to empty out my mind at the end of the day. 

For me, it’s easy to work very hard and give my business everything. That’s why I find that having a practice that involves someone else, can ground me and bring me back to reality, reminding me that there is more to the world than just what I am doing at work. And that always puts a smile on my face!


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