4 Reasons why I get up at the crack of Dawn every day!


Good days start with Oolong Tea!

Every morning I get up at the crack of dawn to start my yoga practice.  I either practice at home or with my wonderful teacher at my studio, but no matter what, I get up each day at 5:30am and get myself ready for my yoga practice.

Quiet before the world is awake 

Personally I just love getting up early. I love being awake when the sun is just rising. I love looking at the colour of the sky as the sun rises over the marshes and enjoying those few quiet hours in the morning before everyone is awake. For me, these hours are peaceful and reflective. I often hear a lot of artists who tell me that they like to stay up late and work during the night as they like the creative energy available when most of the world is asleep. Similarly for me I fin  the most suitable energy for my yoga practice is in the morning at dawn when the world is still in dream land.

Sleep better at night 

After my party years at Sussex University and staying up until the night was infact day again, I seem to have changed the way I live and now really feel the benefit of living more in tune with the sun. I find I have more energy throughout the day. I used to be sleepy mid afternoon but now I am more alert and I sleep a lot better at night. I also think my weight has decreased compared to when I used to sleep erratically and go to bed much later (apparently the best hours of sleep are before midnight..  or so I am told!) 

Most productive in the morning 

Another reason why I get up so early is that I find my most productive hours are before lunch. That way if I get to my studio early and do a good few solid hours before I eat lunch then I’m not playing catch up and trying to cram everything into the end of the day. That way I can ensure I am productive and efficient and then when I leave the studio I can enjoy time off with my boyfriend and actually be present with him at home rather than worrying about catching up with work. 

Too excited for breakfast

Another reason why I love getting up early is that I just love breakfast. I definitely seem to go through different breakfast phases. I used to be really into porridge, then I moved to eggs and avocados on toast but right now I’m making a mega smoothie with everything in it from raspberries to avocado to almond butter. YUMM!

So, most people do think I am a little bit crazy and eccentric but I just love getting the most out of each and every day. SO, now you know why I get up at 5 every day, drink tea and then start my yoga  practice!


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