Guest Post: Are Gemstones the Answer to Your Skin Problems?

Who knew gemstones could be so good for your skin!!? This guest post by skincare brand; Forever Flawless explores the history of using gemstones to cure everything from rosacea to insanity! Find out how you can use gemstones now to improve your complexion in this insightful post! 


They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this typically implies that women will be wearing the beautiful gemstone rather than using it to cure their skincare woes. More and more people are finding out about the benefits to using gemstone-infused products to give them radiant-looking skin. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and other precious stones are now being used to achieve an enviable complexion. Can these pretty jewels be the answer to your pesky skin problems?


Gemstones for Healing

While some may think that using gemstones for skin issues is a relatively new idea, it has been used for thousands of years. Thought to bring about both mental and physical changes to the body, gemstones were used by the ancient Greeks for spiritual and medicinal purposes. It is no surprise then that they found their way into our skin creams and exfoliators. The history of these gemstones has been passed down and now there are special beauty products that contain different gemstones that are said to heal a variety of ailments. From calming anxiety to clearing up rosacea, gemstones have been used in many ways.

Turn Back Time with Diamonds

The most precious of gemstones, diamonds were regarded as the gemstones of Venus, the Roman goddess who represents beauty, love, and fertility. In today’s beauty market, black diamonds are all the rage due to their impressive exfoliating abilities that make their users look ageless. Black diamonds are being crushed into a fine powder and mixed with other ingredients (such as vitamins and botanicals) that gently exfoliate this skin. The entire process of crushing the diamonds is done in such a way that it is more effectively able to penetrate the skin, leaving it looking smooth and radiant. If you are interested in giving these gemstones a shot, Forever Flawless has a Diamond Age-Defying Beauty Kit that will provide you with everything you need to stay forever young.


Treat Psoriasis with Rubies

Considered the king of gemstones in some cultures, rubies have been considered the jewels of the upper class for centuries. This beautiful red gem was deemed the most precious of gemstones by the Bible and is believed by some to have mythical powers. For instance, Ivan the Terrible of Russia once thought that the stone was good for a person’s memory, brain, and heart, while others believed that rubbing it on their skin restored youth and vitality. Today, it is used to moisturize dry skin by penetrating deeply and sealing in the moisture. Rubies also promote blood circulation, which keeps skin glowing. This Organic Ruby Crème contains raw rubies and vitamin A that help soothe inflamed skin and can potentially help psoriasis.

Achieve a Healthy Glow with Pearls

Pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth in ancient Rome and are considered the world’s oldest gemstone. We can date pearls back to at least 2300 BC, where Chinese records reveal that they were given as gifts to royalty. In many cultures, pearls have been used for their medicinal properties. For a cure to insanity to being used as aphrodisiacs, pearls have been ground up and used in creams for thousands of years.

Pearls happen to be rich in amino acids, collagen, and minerals that can greatly benefit the skin. For this reason, they are a common ingredient in makeup to help people achieve a glowing complexion. They are also frequently used in skincare products to help reverse the aging process. Pearls can help remove dead skin cells from the body that make our skin appear dull, which also makes it a hot product in today’s beauty market.

pic4Moisturise with Rose Quartz

This beautiful, rose-colored gem has long been considered a symbol for love and beauty. The mythical properties of this gemstone are vast. Some believed rose quartz reduced negative feelings such as anger and hopelessness, and replaced them with positivity. Others used the gemstones for giving their skin a dewy glow. In fact, legend has it that the Egyptian goddess Isis used the stone to rejuvenate her skin by rubbing them around her face and eyes.

The goddess might have been on to something, because the beauty market now has a variety of different moisturizers containing rose quartz. Many of these moisturizers can be used on many different skin types and promote vibrant skin by locking in moisture. By treating dry skin and moisturizing the body more effectively, it also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Get Supple Skin with Tourmaline

You might recognize tourmaline by its distinctive color. Although it comes in many different colors, this gemstone often resembles a watermelon and has the largest color spectrum of any gemstone. It was often considered a magic stone in early times because it is believed that no two tourmaline stones are alike. It is also believed to strengthen both the spirit and body in the holistic sense.

However, tourmaline has gained a reputation for its surprising amount of benefits when it comes to our beauty regimen. For one, this gemstone has a unique property that makes it stand out from other gemstones. Tourmaline has the ability to generate electricity and can be positively charged on one end and negatively charged on the other. Because of this, it has been added to many beauty products to help increase nutrient absorption into the skin. It is also thought to trigger collagen production and make skin supple.

pic5Should You Try Gemstone-Infused Products?

Using gemstones for beauty is not a new concept and has been used by ancient Egyptians for thousands of years. Today, the market is seeing a renewed interest in gemstones because of their potential benefits to many skincare products. There are now plenty of options for you to choose from if you wish to try gemstone-infused products for your skin.


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