Review: The Monet to Matisse exhibition at the RA

Last weekend, after weeks of persistence from my mother, we finally managed to make it down to catch the last few days of the Monet to Matisse exhibition at the RA. Because I already knew some of these paintings quite well, I was excited to go, but nothing prepared me for what it was actually like to stand in a room with so many of these great masterpieces. It was quite an emotional moment for me actually. 

Some of you may not know but since I arrived back from a trip to Thailand a few months ago, I have been very inspired to create watercolours of flowers and I even had a few samples in my bag by complete fluke on the day of the exhibition. So for me, this experience was extremely timely and in sync with what I am doing in my life at the moment. 

At the moment, colours and flowers give me a lot of pleasure and excitement. Standing in front of these works of art sparked off my imagination and sent me into a whole world of creative inspiration.

The exhibition had many different rooms. One of my favourites was the second room where you could stand inside with many different joyful gardens peering back at you.

There were two rooms filled with Monet watercolours. The first room almost took my breath away. Even though I have seen these painting many many times online and on postcards, there is nothing like the experience of standing in front of one of these masterpieces with the rich vibrant colors and texture of the painting staring at you, directly in front of your being, evoking all kinds of emotional responses. 

The bright colors set my imagination wild and the thick texture of paint made me long to look deeper and deeper into the work. 

Many different types of gardens were portrayed in the exhibition; vibrant  gardens with people in them and more contemplative scenes of  Silent gardens  without people.  There where grand gardens, wild gardens and free gardens. All of the paintings spoke to the nature loving part of me, deep within my heart Here are a few of my favourites:

Unfortunately the exhibition finished on the 20th of April but if you ever get the chance to see one of these amazing paintings, make sure you take it!


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