New Brixton Collection at Studio 73!

A few weeks ago I was asked by lovely the Adrian from Studio 73 to display paintings in his gallery for a few weeks. We decided that featuring watercolours of Brixton would be the perfect ingredient for a gallery right in the heart of it’s centre. As Brixton is a place I have recently started to visit a lot I was particularly enthused by the idea and decided I would love to create some watercolours featuring the Brixton area for the gallery.

As I started to dig deeper into the architecture of Brixton I found a whole world of inspiration and interest that excited me and caused me to have a bit of a watercolour blow out back in the studio! 

The exhibition is at Studio 73, a lovely gallery in the heart of Brixton Village (a must visit place if you haven’t been there already!). Some of my East London watercolors will be on display along  with my brand new never seen before Brixton watercolors. The exhibition will be open from  26th April until 8th May.  We will be selling prints and exclusive watercolours. There are some lovely shops in Brixton Village so you can make a day of it! 

I hope you enjoy!

A little preview of my new Brixton collection… 

Some inspiration for the watercolours!

Hopefully see some of you there, click here to view studio opening times and contact info. 


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