Finding your edge in Yoga

IMG_0859For me, one of the biggest lessons in yoga is learning to find your edge in each posture.  This is a point where you are not straining  too much or going into your danger zone yet at the same time you are not working in a place you are overly familiar with or staying in your comfort zone. For me, I try to treat each pose as a way to explore the edges of these two zones and see if I can find this point mentally with balance and awareness. When I find this point I am somewhere new but yet not somewhere that causes me pain, stress or any danger at all. 

This edge is a very fine line and I find this translates to many areas of my life off the yoga mat as well as on. Many times in my life I  have pushed myself to do things that are unrealistic and just too much for me. And maybe at other times in my life I stay with what I know and sit in my comfort zone. In fact I have times in my life when I stay in my comfort zone for a long period of time and then maybe a few weeks or even years later I am pushing myself closer to my edge again. Yoga has really shown me how to balance the two in a physical way. It’s quite amazing how when one shifts something physically, things change emotionally and mentally as well. Often when we work through old behaviour in our practice and address this behaviour physically, the mental connection vanishes alongside.

When I find my edge in a physical practice like yoga, I see many changes in my life. For example, I definitely try new things and am less afraid to take risks. However at the same time I now see that when a risk presents itself to me, I assess the dangers and make sure it’s not going to push me over my edge too much and disturb my balance. 


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