Spring Flowers!

I have been wanting to create a collection of flower watercolours for a long time. For this new collection I took all of the inspiration I gathered in Thailand and Taiwan to create a set of watercolours inspired by tropical flowers.

Often when I am traveling I use photos and little sketches to help plant an image in my mind of what something looks like.  I can then come back into the studio and use the photo or sketch as a reference. 

Often when I am creating watercolours, I am just experimenting and having fun. I realize now that I have created some of my best work when I have taken a more relaxed approach, rather than creating work for a specific exhibition or gallery. 

This is what I decided to do when I started creating my floral watercolours. I knew that I wanted to  create new watercolours without putting any pressure on myself. I just sat down one day and put on Coldplay’s new album and tried to see what I could come up with.

I used around 5 different photos as inspiration and tried messing around with the zoom on my camera until I was happy with the frame.  I just kept experimenting and seeing what would happen! 

Here are some watercolours from my new collection – I hope you like them!


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