Lets start a revolution!

4-002Photo by Sebastião Salgado 

Here at the Natasha Jade studio we are very aware of the effects of climate change, our carbon footprint and the financial and environmental cost of transporting goods unnecessarily  across oceans. As part of our ‘Made in Britain’ month, our Sales Manager Leanna has prepared this blog post to share with us how buying locally can benefit our beautiful planet as well as supporting our local community – we hope you enjoy it! 

“There is a lot of focus at the moment on small business and how small business owners should vote in the referendum coming up in June. Some of that focus is on trading prices and the financial implications for small business of potentially leaving the EU. So far the facts have been unclear as to how both outcomes could potentially affect us,  but there’s one thing for certain that we should all be thinking about, and that’s climate change. We should be changing the way we do business, how we plan our cities, fuel our homes and factories, transport our goods and ourselves to protect our planet for future generations. 

As artists, we are extremely passionate and understand the importance of using our crafts to share a message about what’s important to us. Global warming and climate change affects everyone and we should all be doing something about it now. Whether its going on a march, recycling, painting a picture to express our concerns, writing a play or a song or just talking to each other about the effects it’s having on the world, there are countless ways to make a difference, however small. 

Our last two blogs focused on products  that are still Made in Britain. Made in Britain doesn’t just stand for quality, it stands for a responsible approach to our environment and our carbon footprint. Every company should strive to trade fairly with ecofriendly materials. We need to start changing the way we do business as well as the way we buy products as consumers. 

By shopping locally, we support small businesses that are integral to our economy and spark creative originality as well as reducing the environmental impact, by cutting down on transportation and packaging waste. 

Did you know that the oil industry is the largest polluter in the world? The second? It’s actually the fashion industry! This is shocking and probably surprising to most people. 

The truth is we can only make a difference by facing up to these harsh realities, by no longer burying our heads in the sand, waiting for someone else, or the government to take action and start making changes ourselves. It may cost a little more to shop for eco-friendly products, but often the quality is better, and if you need another motivation – just think how much better it is for the environment. By starting at the bottom of the chain we can make vital differences. 

The revolution begins with you! 

We are very proud to say that Art by Natasha Jade products are proudly made here in the UK. “



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