Guest Post: Best of Britannia – The Importance of Buying British



As part of our ‘Made in Britain’ month, we asked Best of Britannia (who put on events all over the UK such as consumer and trade fairs to provide a platform for the very best British brands) to write this guest post for us to tell us more about their company and to highlight the importance of supporting companies who  produce and manufacture their products in the UK. Find out more about their amazing events and Buy British Day on their website and follow them on Twitter here!  You may well see us at one of their events, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! 

“In co-founding Best of Britannia the BOB team shared a common goal;

To provide a platform for the very best British brands from across a multitude of industry genre’s to show just how good they are.

We started on our journey in 2012, in London, in a year which saw the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, angry that in such an incredible year of awareness that virtually nothing was being done to champion British products and producers (let alone commissioning it/them for “official merchandise”). We have since held three more major London events championing over 450 UK producers of everything from cars and motorbikes to lingerie and fragrances. We extended our event platform to Lancashire in 2015 and are proud to be coming back to Preston this weekend and to be providing an event home for a whole host of new and returning brands as well as to flood-affected businesses from across the region.

From our humble beginnings in Clerkenwell we have welcomed participation from household names such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencer and have heralded the start of many new producers who have shown with us for the first time anywhere. Many have seen rapid growth, and many have focussed on the overseas customer, still very much a believer in British quality. What will take longer is converting the British consumer back to buying British and taking a good look at the sheer range of quality goods being produced by hand and machine here. The future looks very positive though with recent figures showing that the “other manufacturing” sector which includes furniture, jewellery, musical instruments, games and toys growing three times quicker than forecast in 2015.

At BOB North in Preston this weekend we are welcoming the skill and expertise of Patrick Grant (BBC Great British Sewing Bee judge and recent purchaser of the Cookson & Clegg factory in Lancashire) who is launching his new Community clothing label as well as Matthew Wilcock, the winner of the BBC’s Great Pottery Throw Down. Also participating are British made motorbikes and scooters and menswear from Ross Barr straight back from having been invited to meet the Queen and Prince Charles at a special event marking the endeavours of designers supported by the Princes Trust.

In short working on Best of Britannia has been a complete eye-opener, and a pleasure for me personally to meet the makers of such a huge range of amazing goods over the past 4 years. If you feel like sharing in the feel-good factor that one of our events brings you and in supporting our amazing producers we look forward to seeing you in Preston this weekend, in London in October for Buy British Day (a concept which we launched in 2014 at the House of Commons), in Bristol in November or at one of our pop-up’s through the year.”

It’s so great that Best of Britannia have created this platform to showcase british products and brands! Here at Art By Natasha Jade all of our products are made in the UK, as we believe in keeping things local through supporting our local community and most importantly, looking after our planet!  Stay tuned for more Made in The UK blog posts coming soon! 


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