From The Team: What our Mums mean to us and why Mother’s Day is so Important

Naturally as it’s Mother’s Day in just over a week’s time – we’ve been chatting about our Mums here at the Natasha Jade studio. We thought we’d share with you a little piece from each of us about what our Mums mean to us and why Mother’s day is so important. 

Natasha Jade

First up we have a piece from Natasha Jade.

My mother is the reason why I am doing what I do. Without my mother supporting me and constantly encouraging me I doubt I would have achieved so much. Form a young age, my Mum has always loved my paintings and always insists on putting them all over her house. This encouragement  gave me the confidence to believe my paintings were of worth and that I should pursue this avenue of work. 

My mother is always up for helping me at fairs and exhibitions and is there chatting away helping me to sell. This support and encouragement from family is probably the most valuable support in my business. When things are tough my mum is always there with a solution, telling me that everything is in fact OK. She tells me to look at each situation not as a problem but as a challenge  – this allows me to find solutions easily.

Jess bun

Our Social Media Manager – Jess Murray

My Mum is like a constant rock for me and I am so appreciative of all her ongoing support! I might not have taken the most conventional route along the way but my Mum has always encouraged me to think outside the box and to be bold and daring. When I find myself in a sticky situation, I know I can depend on my Mum to support me and it’s priceless to have that in the back of your mind when things get tough. I don’t know what I’d do without her! 


Our Sales Manager – Leanna Wigginton

I love my mum because she showers me with tea when I go home. She is the most positive person I know. The best advice she has given me is to always look behind you and check that you haven’t left anything behind and if something doesn’t go my way she says ‘don’t worry it wasn’t meant to be, something else will come along that’s even better and much better suited to you’

Some people may find it cheesy to have a whole day dedicated to our mothers, but they are the ones who carried us in their wombs for nine months and survived child birth to bring us into this world. So I think the least we can do is take one day out of our busy schedules and serenade our mothers with love, gifts and appreciation.

Lots of people I know have parents that live quite far away from London and most of my friends in their 20-30s don’t have the space to swing a cat let alone put their parents up for the weekend.  Which leaves our parents without a clear image about our lives and what we’re up to. 

I don’t know about you, but my mum is my biggest fan and is always interested in what I’m up to and where I’m eating, drinking and sleeping. So why not give your Mum a snippet of London, the city we are proud to be living in? If they are too far away to drag round our stinky, but brilliant city why not give them a Natasha Jade mug.  These gorgeous mugs have pictures of buildings we take for granted everyday, that ooze London life. Maybe you can even go home and make your Mum a brew in a new Natasha Jade mug and get them to put their feet up for the day.



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