My favourite places to see art in London

Surprisingly, I don’t often get time to go to exhibitions in London. But after being asked many times which galleries I like to visit,  I thought I would compile a list of my favourite places to see art in London. I have also asked Jess  ( my amazing social media manager) to get involved and tell me some places that are inspiring to her too!

Tate Modern 

I love visiting the Tate Modern as often as possible. My favourite spot is sitting in the members lounge, having a cup of tea and taking in the view! Jess just visited the  Alexander Calder and The World Goes Pop exhibitions which she says are well worth checking out! 

At the moment in the Turbine Hall there is a really interesting installation called Empty Lot.  Abraham Cruzvillegas took soil from parks in Peckham, Haringey and Westminster, and the soil is now being watered and lit by lamps, and we are all observing what grows as the exhibition changes from one week to the next!

Empty Lot

Leonard Street, Old Street

There are lots of amazing little galleries and collections to discover in Leonard Street, near Old street. It is great to just have a wander through the area, following your nose and seeing what you find!

Whitechapel Gallery

There are so many interesting exhibitions coming up soon at The Whitechapel Gallery that I want to check out when I get back from my trip in Taiwan and Thailand. The Electronic Superhighway exhibition which explores the impact of computer and Internet technologies on artists from the mid-1960s to the present day, looks really interesting.

Don’t forget, while you’re there pick up some of my greeting cards from the Whitechapel Gallery shop!

The Photographers Gallery 

The Photographers’ Gallery (located in Oxford Circus) is the largest public gallery in London dedicated to photography! It’s a really inspiring  place to look at photographers work from the past and the latest emerging talent.

Welcome collection 

The Wellcome Collection in Euston describes itself as a ‘free destination for the incurably curious which  explores the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future.’

One exhibition that I really want to check out is ‘Tibet’s Secret Temple’ which explores Tibetan Buddhist yogic and meditational practice and their connections to physical and mental wellbeing. More info here


Serena Morton, Canalside

This is a really amazing exhibition space in Ladbroke Grove, located underneath a water tower. Jess visited Piers Jackson’s exhibition; Speculation back in November 2015. She felt that the space was a great fit for the artists’ work which was really beautiful, magical and contemporary. Keep an eye on upcoming exhibitions here

National Portrait Gallery

I just love looking at portraits at the National Portrait gallery! The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is the leading competition to celebrate and promote the very best in contemporary portrait photography from around the world. The photographs will only be displayed until 21st February so make sure you check them out before then!

Halycon Gallery 

I saw a great collection by Bob Dylan recently. Although internationally known as a singer and songwriter, Bob Dylan is also an author, film director, actor, disc jockey and visual artist. Check out his collection and other great artists’ work at The Halycon Gallery in Bond Street! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, feel free to comment with more suggestions of places to see art in London!



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