My response to the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the RA

Ai Wei Wei, art review

After 3 months of everyone telling me I must go, I finally made it to the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy just in time – on the closing day!

One of the most special things about living in London is the quality of culture you get exposed to. London galleries are famous for their exceptional standard of art, and this exhibition was without a doubt no exception.

Ai Weiwei is definitely an extraordinary man. He is an artist who uses his experience in life to shape his creative world. He draws from all his circumstances unfortunate as they may be, as inspiration for his art.

Even though Ai Weiwei creates abstract art I did not find his exhibition abstract at all. In fact, after listening to the commentary and taking time to understand each piece, I felt that he was very clearly representing his experiences. Even though his life has been very difficult I did not feel that his work showed any anger or resentment. He was merely using his experience as a way to inspire and display art.

Each room had such an energy to it. It felt as if  I was being transported to a different world, re-living his experiences, I could see and feel each experience he was portraying .

What really struck me was the way he used objects and materials that were used daily in China, to create very powerful pieces of work. Every day items such as Oolong tea and Jade almost posed as a juxtaposition to the reality of what his life in China is like now. 

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei poses for photographers in front of his work "Coloured Vases" during a photocall for his exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Britain

The quality of his artistic talent and craftsmanship was extremely mind blowing for me. The intricate carvings within his installations portrayed great depth and showcased his beautiful style of wood carving.

Overall, it was a totally unmissable exhibition and I am so glad that managed to visit the exhibition in time!

SO, if an Ai Weiwei exhibition ever makes it to your part of the world, be sure not to miss it!

Natasha x


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