Soho Street: A Commission for a Soho Law Firm

In October 2015 I was commissioned to create a painting for a Law firm on Greek Street in Soho, London. The clients requested that  I create a painting of a  Soho street scene, but in the style of my India and Tuscany paintings. 
I spent many hours wandering around Soho taking in the energy of the streets and appreciating the architecture, taking photos and sketching all the little streets and side streets that make Soho special.  Once I had enough material to take back to my studio I created a piece of art that incorporated the essence of Soho. I made the painting vibrant and bright to reflect the creative energy one feels in Soho and the sense of excitement  that is found in the streets of this vibrant centre of London.  
After I completed the painting, the clients said that what they loved about the painting was the bold colours and the vast amount of mixed media I used.  The painting is now displayed in their shop window, taking up the majority of the window as the main feature of their office! So if you are out and about in central London be sure to go and take a look!

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