How to become your own Yoga Teacher


Since I injured my knee it hasn’t been possible for me to practice with my yoga teacher. I will return at some point soon but at the moment I need to conserve all the energy I have, so traveling to the yoga studio in the morning just isn’t an option. I have to limit everything I do.

This has forced me to practice at home more. This is very challenging for me. It’s something that I have struggled with as I never felt that my home practice was as profound as practicing in a yoga studio.

I have always used my studio practice as a source of stability. I would always say that my practice is my life force. However, through practicing on my own, I am starting to use my own inner strength and inner teacher to find my balance and sustain my practice.

I am finding this really useful because I now realise that, at the end of the day, we can never rely on anyone else to make the changes we need. It has to come from within. It is this idea of being able to have a fulfilled practice anywhere, anytime, that is really making my practice sustainable. If I am only able to have a meaningful practice with my teacher present then in my opinion the practice isn’t yet sustainable. It is said in some philosophical lineages that we have it all inside of us already, and a teacher is just there to facilitate this inner learning.  Now that I am starting to believe in myself as my own teacher, I can simulate this learning and growth in my practice anytime and anywhere.

In part 2 which I will be publishing next week, I share my tips for helping to sustain your practice at home!


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