Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Are you one of those people who carefully unwraps their presents, making sure you don’t rip the wrapping paper so that you can save it for next year? I certainly am! I really hate waste and that’s why I love incorporating items such as old CD, records or mirrors  that may have otherwise been throw out into my artwork and commissions. So.. when I decided to create wrapping paper and swing tags featuring my paintings it made perfect sense to use 100% recycled paper and card! Below are some pictures showing my new wrapping paper and swing tags! 

IMG_2182 IMG_2161 IMG_2099

We have also gift wrapped mugs and greeting card packs using 100% recycled card and brown paper, no sellotape,  twine and lavender… so you can rest assured that your presents are green!

I really hope you and your loved one’s like my new green wrapping paper and gift tags, and please do unwrap carefully and save your wrapping paper and boxes until next year!

Click here to visit my shop, join my mailing list via my website and get 20% off your first order…

IMG_2154  IMG_2124

We’re dreaming of a #greenchistmas!


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