How little things inspire me

I like to use what I see around me to inspire the texture in my paintings, whether that be the bark of a tree or the tiles of a brick house. I  realise that without even being aware, for most of my life I have been continuously looking around me and drawing inspiration from the patterns I see.

I am very influenced by my surroundings  and nature itself and often when I am out on a long walk I feel a sense of excitement when walking through a forest. I feel like the textures of the trees and the formation of the woodland comes alive and fills me with inspiration. 

Similarly when I am walking through a beautiful  town and I get lost in the streets, I feel parts of the architecture jump out at me. It might be as simple as the patter of the cobbled streets. Sometimes it can be a simple formation of tiles on the pavement or the way the leaves have scattered on the floor around me but I find the simplicity of these little things quite remarkable and they leave me full of wonder.  

 I find that when I start to zoom into an area or an object I start to see things differently. When I look at parts of a tree I start to experience the tree as a piece of art in itself. It’s these beautiful little things that make up the world around us. They inspire me to experiment with texture, line and colour to build up interesting surfaces from the simplest materials.

 Click here to check out my paintings, most of which are inspired by the little things that surround me!


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