My response to the film; Salt of the Earth

There are very few films that have moved me as deeply as the film that I am going to be talking about in this post. The reason why I am writing about Salt of The Earth is because I wanted to share some of the feelings and thoughts I had after watching this film. 

Recently, it was suggested to me that I should watch a film called Salt of the Earth. I had no idea who or what it was about but, as it was recommended by a very close friend I knew I needed to watch it. The film Salt of the Earth is a documentary about the Photographer Sebastiao Salgado. As a montage of his life, it explores his use of photography and film to portray to the audience some of the experiences he encountered on his journey though many difficult and remote places, photographing the situations he found. 

 As the film reveals itself to us we learn that Sebastiao Salgado was more then just an artist, he was a very special unique person who went to places very few dared to venture. He was more then just a photographer,  he was a social worker and an activist and more. He sought an image that was different to the norm, his images had a huge amount of power and depth to them. 

Some of the images in the film are so powerful that to capture that image one must have a very unique ability to allow the subject of the photograph to  feel at ease. His power in making his subject  feel un judged and comfortable comes across in every photo. His nature was so obviously unassuming that the subject’s true nature was allowed to reveal itself. This is a very unique quality to posses as a human being. A quality that allows people, animals and even plants to reveal their more unique and profound qualities to a camera. These are qualities that would otherwise be shielded by a great universal fear.

The film really had a lasting effect on me. Not just because of the images but also because of the power and love that is felt by the photographer in every image. His pictures really moved me. 

As an artist this kind of work is extremely inspiring. Sebastiao Salgado uses his art to act as a medium for change. Using photography he brings to light some of the most difficult issues we face as human beings living on this planet. He uses his photography as a way to inspire people to act in a way they know to be right. In my opinion his photography inspires me to act on a feeling of love. Not hate, anger or fear but a love that reminds me of the interconnectedness of the world and the responsibility we each hold as human beings to do the best we can to preserve the sacredness of the earth.


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