My Experience of Embracing fear and Moving forward

I have recently just moved studios and wanted to share my experience with you!

Something I have become accustomed to in my business is taking risks. By taking risks I mean following my intuition when I am not exactly sure of the results.

I am learning that to move forward I have to allow myself to progress and be brave enough to take the next step. Recently I have just upsized my studio and moved to a slightly bigger one.  This in itself has been a big step. Being self-employed and working for yourself makes it difficult to predict how much work you will have each month. This fear is the curse of the self-employed. However, I am learning that when I do take the next step and push myself I always seem to be able to make ends meet. 


Moving out of my old studio

photo 1-23

… and into my new studio!


For me when I know that I need to increase profit, I am motivated to push myself to go out and find the next commission or to follow up on enquires that before I might have neglected. It forces me to move out of my comfort zone and stretch my limits.

In fact I am starting to see change as more of a blessing. For example by moving to this new studio yes, my costs have been increased but this is more of an incentive to find more commissions, find more retailors for my cards and sell more cards online. SO I think actually it’s a wonderful thing and I need to thank the fear involved in this process as it makes me challenge myself and allows me to rise to the next level of my business. 

By taking risks my confidence grows as I learn that I can manage the change after all and that I have a lot of power to achieve what needs to be achieved!

Often when I teach yoga I talk about finding an edge between being in your comfort zone and being in a place that is too dangerous. In our comfort zone it’s hard to make changes and progress to the next level also when we are too much in the danger zone it is hard to progress as we are pushing ourselves too much and this is counter productive. For me the real art of progression is finding that edge; a place between our comfort zone and our danger zone.

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