3 tips for beating post travelling blues!


When I returned from a year and half of travelling around India, Nepal, Istanbul and Brazil naturally I felt a little bit lost in back in London. In fact, I felt rather depressed! I felt like I had been on a massive journey and I was unsure where my place was in London. When I think back to that time after my travels I realised there were a few things that really helped me out of my post travel depression. Here they are… 

1) Singing – Through a friend I heard about a choir. It was a very unique choir as the songs sung were sea shanti’s (the songs that sailors sang out at sea). The choir was open to anyone of any signing level. I went to that choir every week for months. Singing in the choir really made me smile. It lifted my mood and reminded me of all the wonderful and unique things that could be found in a big city like London.

2) Walking – I used to go for long walks on Hampstead Heath and would spend many hours sitting by the ponds at the edge of this great green area. Being in one of the most beautiful parts of London reminded me that even though I wasn’t in the Himalayas anymore, I could still find peace and beauty close to my home.

3) Playing the accordion – Another thing that really helped to lift me out of my blues was playing the accordion. I decided to get a teacher and commit to practicing every day. Just playing this wonderful instrument made my heart leap for joy and automatically put a smile on my face. 

I hope you’ve found the ideas useful and you won’t suffer from post travelling blues when you return from your next trip!


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