Yoga and diet vs Medication


When I was very young I was diagnosed with dispraxia and ADD. I probably suffered from ADHD as well. But now at 25 I think its safe to say you wouldn’t suspect that I suffered from these disorders.  This isn’t because I take drugs like Ritalin or anything like that, I believe it’s purely down to my yoga practice and my diet. 

Ever since I was diagnosed with dyspraxia at a very young ago I started seeing a physical therapist.  Every week she would do various exercises with me aimed at bringing me back inside my body and slowing down my breath.  As I grew older I started to practice the exercises less but realized that these exercises where very similar to what I was practicing  in my yoga class. It then dawned on me the importance of yoga and breathing  in my life. 

The more yoga I did and the more I was able to bring myself back into my body, the less my dyspraxia affected me. After a few years of a really disciplined self practice, every morning I feel and behave completely differently.  I know that this is one of the main reasons why I now wouldn’t even be considered as someone suffering from dyspraxia or ADD.  In feeling more present in my body and more in touch with myself  I have noticed massive improvements in my co-ordination. This resulted in me becoming more organised and eventually a few years later I felt like a completely different person. I am more organised, my mind is clearer and my life is so much less hectic. 

The other factor that has helped me is that, over the last few years I have kept an extremely strict gluten, dairy and sugar free  diet. Through exposing myself less to over processed food I think my gut has had a better chance to work at its full potential. These over processed foods such as the gluten grain in wheat, do not agree with certain people who are extremely sensitive  and have a tendency to react to anything unnatural.  The over processed  food which is very present in the modern western diet is a world away from the food that we were once eating and this causes problems for many people. The best way I have found to avoid processed food is through cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar.



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