What are the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage?

6qkAAhnQyaLJ65ROZfKkELd7PeVaGchdhSbKpJdI-HwMost people who have a Thai massage are at first a little shocked at what they receive. Thai massage is very different from regular massage. It is quite unique and can be extremely powerful in its own right. 

Unlike with most massages, Thai massage is carried out  fully clothed and on the floor. Most of the time it is also done without any oil.

Thai massage is almost like a mixture of acupuncture and yoga. It works with the energy channels whilst incorporating yoga postures into the sequence. 

What is not commonly known and what I found to be very powerful in thai massage is that, in treating the whole body for a full body massage we are able to treat different areas in the body that are not necessarily the area that we are applying the pressure to. 

In applying pressure to the different energy channels we can awaken the energy and the stagnant energy that gets stored in the body. In releasing some of this stagnation, we are allowing the blood to move more freely throughout the body hence bringing to life areas which have been in a sense blocked from the natural flow of energy throughout the body.


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