Change vs Inspiration

Can we really change people or is it only possible to inspire others? 

Today I saw a man stripped naked while the police searched him for drugs on Brick Lane. It was a very unpleasent experience to witness and made me feel extremely sick inside. 

After walking on from the scene I started to think about a concept that has crossed my mind a lot recently. It’s something  I think about whenever I hear or see something happening that is unjust and the result of the world we have created and our beliefs and struggles for power. 

I often think how we could change this world and if so, what are we able to change. 

The only conclusion that I keep coming to each time is in fact, we can’t change anyone else at all. The only thing we can change is ourselves and through changing ourselves we can inspire others. When we live a life in tune with our true selves, taking  into account our passions and the things that really make us come alive, and valuing our gifts and natural talents, it’s possible to  fulfil one’s direction and purpose in this life and truly inspire others. 

I often think that in changing our actions somehow the other people around us change. They stop reacting to us in the same way as they would when we followed previous behavioral patterns. The most profound change we can make on this Earth is through empowering ourselves and inspiring and empowering others to make the steps they need  to live the life they truly want to live. 


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