Inspiring Exhibitions in London – Sonia Delaunay at the Tate Modern


A few weeks ago I went to the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at the Tate Modern and the next week I went again. For me this exhibition was a wonder.

If you’re out in London and looking for some inspiration that will lift your spirits, creatively inspire you and feed your cultural appetite, I would suggest that you take a trip to the Tate Modern to see this extraordinary exhibition which  runs until 9th August 2015. 

The exhibition is quite unique as each part of her life is represented throughout the work displayed. Paintings, textiles , mosques, clothing , are exhibited in chronological order so one is able to see how her work changes and is inspired by time. 

Sonia Delaunay (attribuÈ ‡). Vers 1925. Fond de robe. Soie ivoire, satin gris ‡ impressions polychromes et bande de lamÈ or.  E.Emo.







For me Sonia Delouy is a very interesting and inspirational lady. She started off painting and then used her images as inspiration for textile designs and then expanded her ideas further as she built up a textile business.


For me it is an inspiration to see how other artists in different time periods have taken their images and ideas and used them in different disciplines and forms, which is something that I am experimenting with at the moment. You can view my artwork featured on scarfs and tops here


Sonia  was quite an extraordinary character. Even though she was born at the end of the  18th century she seemed to be very well respected in business and in the arts despite being a woman. She had an instrumental role in theatre and production using her work  and costumes in some very cutting edge performances. She was truly unique for the time.










When I walked  around the exhibition it was so inspiring to see how her beautiful designs and sketches have been used as prints on various fabrics, many of which look like images of products we are very well acquainted with now. 

She was an artist who combined creativity  with business whilst being extremely  experimental, exiting, vibrant and ahead of her time. 


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