Why I regularly turn my home into a gallery

I have found exhibitions and pop ups very beneficial for getting my work out there, allowing people to see what I’m doing and enjoy a great evening but there is something very special about hosting an open studio or an open house.


Artwork at my Open House


Pop up shop at Little Paris

Recently I have been exploring the ideas of open studios and have been inviting clients round to my house on an appointment only basis to have some private time with me, view available work and speak about my ideas as an artist.

At big exhibitions I find  it extremely hard to speak to everyone and for people to really get an idea of the process behind each piece.  With every piece I create there tends to be a story and when I have enough time with a client to talk about my experience I find it’s easier to communicate the inspiration behind each piece, such as the people I met or the places I visited that inspired me to create the work. 


My artwork at my Open House

After speaking to lots of people the feedback has been been really positive, and my clients seem to really like having the opportunity to attend an open studio or an open house, an idea that works for many creatives in many different industries. By inviting clients round for a one 2 one meeting in their house or studio,  artists are able to talk through their creative endeavours in a personal way.

I think it’s a wonderful thing to offer and as an artist, I really appreciate it when I am invited to an open studio or an open house and am able to see the space where creativity thrives. 

For me,  its important to remember that it doesn’t matter how the studio looks, whether you think it’s messy or too small, people love to see the space in which the work takes place. When a client buys a piece in this way, it seems more powerful and almost carries the space of its creation with it to its new home. 

Please contact me via email (artbynatashajade@gmail.com) if you are interested in attending my open studio at my London home. 


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