Why I chose to work with VIDA


Recently a company called VIDA contacted me and asked me to submit designs for tops and scarves. When I started to read more about the company I was quickly drawn to the idea of collaborating with them.  Their business model is more sustainable and takes into consideration the impact of production on the environment and the world. 

Here are the main reasons why I chose to work with VIDA!


1)They provide literacy programs to their makers who learn to read, write, and do basic maths which helps them to build a better life for themselves and for generations to come. 

2)They manufacture to demand, meaning that there is no wastage, and they only bring into the world what people truly want. 

3)They support artists and designers by incorporating designs into products which artists may not have the means to manufacture themselves. Many artists struggle with the business and marketing side of what they do and VIDA are very supportive with this. 

My profile on Vida, click here to view all seven of my designs! Enter code ‘VIDAVOICES’ at the checkout for a 20% discount. 



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